- giant shark Carrierzord; houses C-Zords and S-Zords
First Appearance: 719-LGb1
Last Appearance: 741-RTit
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-   On an orange planet with white rings and a close, tiny, rocky moon, Deviot's relatively small spaceship towed the massive Zenith Carrierzord through a dark blue sky with two giant chains and released it, allowing the Zord to come to a landing on the hilly surface below.
-   As shown in the Galaxy Book, the original form of the Zenith Carrierzord was the grayish-blue Shark Galactabeast.
-   After his remote had absorbed energy from the Orion-armored Rangers and Magna Defender to bring life to his Zords, Deviot summoned the Stratoforce and Centaurus Megazords with the remote; they would regularly be launched as individual Zords from the Zenith Carrierzord before combining into their Megazord forms, but such launching was not shown during Deviot's control of the Zords.
-   Having been summoned, Centaurus and Stratoforce arrived in a Terra Venture dome, presumably having launched from the Zenith Carrierzord.
-   Deviot soon had the evil Megazords return to the Zenith Carrierzord after they'd beaten the Rangers.

-   On a rooftop downtown, Hardtochoke summoned the evil Zords with Deviot's remote.
-   Silhouetted in a windswept area, lights came on in the Zenith Carrierzord's lower portion as its front half rose up into upright mode.
-   Five silhouetted air vehicles and five silhouetted land vehicles launched from the upright Zenith before combining into the two Megazords.
-   The presence of a Science Division computer image of the Zenith Carrierzord despite its isolation indicated that the Zord had been located somewhere inside Terra Venture.
-   The Shark Galactabeast had had yellow eyes, and its body had been covered in a stony gray exterior.
-   Shortly after Stratoforce and Centaurus had allied with the Rangers, apparently remembering their pasts, large cannon blasts bombarded Hardtochoke as the massive Zenith Carrierzord rolled in through a city street upright.
-   Zenith had a large red V on his chest, or what would have been its shark head in shark (non-upright) mode. (see "Recurring letters")
-   Zenith had two emblems on its "stomach" area, top being a blue stylized Phoenix head symbol, and the other being a red stylized Rhino head symbol.
-   Rolling through the city, Zenith blasted Hardtochoke again with its massive hand cannons.

-   After Maya had summoned the Stratoforce Megazord, Zenith emerged from a large waterfall somewhere and flew through the sky to launch the Zords.
?   Stratoforce and Centaurus landed downtown, even though Maya had only called for Stratoforce.

-   When Leo called for Stratoforce, Zenith was standing elsewhere, and from its huge open mouth launched the five S-Zords, three coming from its mouth, and two from its hand platforms.

-   Before Zenith would launch a set of Zords, the respective indicator light on its stomach symbols would light up.

-   After giant monster-Deviot had read the Keonta spell in the Galaxy Book, mutating himself, he was beating the Galaxy Megazord when Zenith, flying overhead, blasted him with strong alternating blue energy beams coiled with red energy strands from dual cannons in front of its front treads.
-   Leo was amazed by Zenith's presence, and Stratoforce and Centaurus were then released, startling Deviot.

-   As the Rangers fought a monster on the planet below Terra Venture, they called for Stratoforce; Zenith launched the S-Zords, either from Terra Venture or the planet itself, and the five craft then flew to help the Rangers.

-   In a dream world, after Hexuba's crystal ball had been shattered in the real world, the Rangers fought giant Nightmare with the Orion Galaxy Megazord before Zenith flew out from its waterfall on Damon's call for Stratoforce.
-   Landing with a rolling stop, Zenith stood, and its Stratoforce indicator lit as it then unfolded its arms and hands; the robot head on the top of the shark's back then rose up, having a zigzag design in its visor.
?   Zenith launched both Stratoforce and Centaurus although Damon had only called for Stratoforce.

-   To stop giant Titanisaur from getting to the city dome from the Ocean Dome, Leo summoned the Galactabeasts, and the Orion Galaxy Megazord, joined by Centaurus and Stratoforce on their own initiative, confronted the monster in the mountains.
-   During the battle, both Megazords each had an arm ripped off by Titanisaur.
?   During Titanisaur's second attack in the city a short while later, the Rangers formed the Orion Galaxy Megazord, at which point Zenith flew in on its own, landed, and launched Centaurus and Stratoforce, which were now repaired somehow.

-   After the city dome had been wrenched from Terra Venture and the rest had apparently been destroyed, Stratoforce and Centaurus had survived, although Zenith did not appear.

- Phrases used for no apparent reason as Zenith Carrierzord flies in
741-RTit Maya: "Zenith Carrierzord!"

- Phrases used for Zenith Carrierzord to transform into upright mode
720-LGb2 Hardtochoke (into remote): "Zenith Carrierzord, systems on full power!"

- Phrases used for Zenith Carrierzord to launch C-Zords and S-Zords
719-LGb1 Deviot (into remote): "Stratoforce, Centaurus, arise!"
720-LGb2 Hardtochoke (into remote): "Stratoforce, Centaurus, arise!"
723-MMir Maya: "Stratoforce, activate!"
737-GOTL Leo: "Stratoforce! Centaurus!"
739-DrBa Damon: "Stratoforce Megazord!"
740-HGrv Leo: "Centaurus! Stratoforce!"

- Phrases used for Zenith Carrierzord to launch S-Zords
724-GrCr 729-Cham 736-BMut Leo: "Stratoforce Megazord!"

- Phrases used for Zenith Carrierzord to launch C-Zords
727-LxLB Maya: "Centaurus Megazord!"
728-RRom Leo: "Centaurus, online!"
732-PQsS Kai: "Centaurus Megazord!"

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