- cannon used by Zeo Rangers
First Appearance: 424-BlkF
Last Appearance: 448-RTW2
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-   In the Power Chamber, Billy told Alpha that they just needed one more component to complete the Zeo Cannon, and then it would shoot out a cryogenic ray to freeze Mondo's robots in their tracks; Billy then got from his garage a chromium magnet to finish the Zeo Cannon.
-   When Alpha later pointed out that the Rangers were in trouble, Billy decided to send them the Zeo Cannon.
-   With Zeo Rangers Three and Four in front, Two and One behind them, and Five in back, the Zeo Cannon appeared in the Ranger's waiting arms from orange streaks of energy.
-   The Zeo Cannon bore the Zeo insignia.
-   The Zeo Cannon had a tray which slid out from back to reveal ports for five silver canisters, one for each of the Rangers; each Ranger would appear to summon his or her canister, called a Power Cell, and then insert it into the tray; the tray was then shut, and the Power Cells inside the cannon glowed with their Ranger colors.
-   When Tommy cocked the large trigger handle in the back of the Zeo Cannon, a blue and gold energy blast shot from the barrel.
-   The Zeo Cannon temporarily defeated the Toy robot.

-   The Zeo Cannon temporarily defeated Tarantabot.

-   The Zeo Cannon shot a stream of blue energy pulses, temporarily defeating Borax.

-   The Zeo Cannon blasted Silo with a stream of blue energy pulses; he got back up from the flames around him after being knocked over by the blast.

-   The Zeo Cannon temporarily defeated Cog Changer.

- Phrases used to summon Zeo Cannon
429-SmPr Tommy: "Time to power up the Zeo Cannon!"
432-DIKY Tommy: "Let's use the Zeo Cannon!"
434-GHom Rangers: "Zeo Cannon, now!"
448-RTW2 Rangers: "Zeo Power Cannon!"

- Phrases used as Rangers insert Power Cells
424-BlkF Tommy: "Zeo Five Power Cell, power up!" (inserts)
Adam: "Zeo Four Power Cell, power up!" (inserts)
Rocky: "Zeo Three Power Cell, power up!" (inserts)
Tanya: "Zeo Two Power Cell, power up!" (inserts)
Kat: "Zeo One Power Cell, power up!" (inserts)
429-SmPr Tommy: "Zeo Five Power Cell, power up!"
- Tommy slides tray in, and all five cells are in
432-DIKY Tommy: "All right, Zeo Five Power Cell, activate!"
- Tommy slides tray in, and all five cells are in
434-GHom Tommy: "Loading Zeo Cannon Power Cells!"
- Tommy slides tray in, and all five cells are in

- Phrases used once Power Cells are inserted
424-BlkF Tommy: "Zeo Cannon, fully charged! Ready for action!"
four Rangers: "Action!"
429-SmPr four Rangers: "Zeo!"
432-DIKY Tommy: "Fully charged, ready to go."
four Rangers: "Power up!"
434-GHom Tommy: "Ready!"
four Rangers: "Ready!"

- Phrases used as Tommy cocks trigger handle to fire
429-SmPr Tommy: "And... fire!"
432-DIKY Tommy: "Zeo Cannon, fire!"
434-GHom 448-RTW2 Tommy: "Fire!"

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