- motorcycles driven by Zeo Rangers
First Appearance: (?) 404-Trgt, (introduction) 407-EDog
Last Appearance: 447-RTW1
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?   The Zeo Jet Cycles, not to be introduced until 407-EDog, were in the background when the Rangers fought Silo.

-   The Rangers were testing the Zeo Jet Cycles around a lake and were having a good time doing so.
-   Kat noted that Billy and Alpha had worked really hard on Zeo Jet Cycles.
-   Later in the forest, Kat morphed and drove around on her Zeo Jet Cycle to look for Smokey.
-   After the guys discovered Kat's communicator around Smokey's collar, Bulk and Skull came in and took the dog back to the police station before the guys could have him take them to Kat, so Tommy thought to use the "Zeo Cycles."
-   Kat had been blasted off her Zeo Jet Cycle and demorphed somewhere near the forest; some time afterward, Billy told the other Rangers that Kat's last-known location was in a cave area just outside Angel Grove, and the Rangers soon drove up to her abandoned Zeo Jet Cycle.

?   After being told by Zordon that Adam had reported that Fortissimodo wouldn't rest until he had captured the mysterious pianist, who was currently watching the fight from the bushes, Tommy said there was no time to lose, and that they had to get to the Zeo Jet Cycles.

-   The Rangers used the Zeo Jet Cycles to pursue Klank in a moving truck.

-   Retrieving the Damocles Sword in the desert, Mondo erected a forcefield around the area, preventing the Rangers from teleporting there, thus forcing them to take the Zeo Jet Cycles.
-   Quadrafighters blasted the Rangers off the Zeo Jet Cycles when they approached the area in which Mondo was unearthing the Damocles Sword.

-   Billy suggested that the Rangers take the Zeo Jet Cycles to Angel Grove Falls on their journey for freshwater, but they instead took the cycles to look for the monsters the Machine Empire and Rita and Zedd had just sent down; meanwhile, Jason went after the water.
-   Billy had been tuning up the Zeo Jet Cycles just before he'd begun aging, he told the teens.
-   Cog Changer launched from his eye small gears which locked onto the axles of the Zeo Jet Cycles, taking away the Rangers' control of them.
-   The Zeo Jet Cycles' displays showed their speed in kilometers per hour, with a display range of 0 to 320 (roughly 0 to 200 mph).
-   Cog Changer's gears made the Zeo Jet Cycles smash into a shack with explosive bins inside, destroying the shack and perhaps the Zeo Jet Cycles as well in a huge explosion just after the Rangers had leapt away.

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