- laser pistols and generic swords used by Zeo Rangers
First Appearance: 402-AZB2
Last Appearance: 1034-FRed
See Also: Super Zeo weapons
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-   The Zeo Laser Pistols were held in the holsters on the Zeo Rangers' right hips; the Power Pods were held in the holsters on the left hips.

-   The Zeo Laser Pistols all shot red laser beams.

-   The Power Pods could be combined with the Zeo Laser Pistols to form a stronger laser pistol (also called a Zeo Laser Pistol in the show; referred to as the "advanced Zeo Laser Pistol" in this guide for clarity).
-   The advanced Zeo Laser Pistols shot yellow energy beams.
-   There was an explosion around the Quadrafighter which was shot by all five Rangers' advanced Zeo Laser Pistols, but it's unknown whether it was destroyed.

-   The Power Pods could be used as swords; when the Rangers pulled them out of their holsters, a metallic rod extended from each Power Pod to serve as the sword's blade while the pod itself served as the handle and hilt.
-   The advanced Zeo Laser Pistols now shot orange energy beams and would do so regularly unless otherwise stated.

?   When Tommy used his Zeo Laser Pistol, his trigger finger pulled the outer edge around the trigger, rather than the trigger itself.

-   Tommy was shown very clearly forming his advanced Zeo Laser Pistol: with his Power Pod in hand, he folded down the front part of his Zeo Laser Pistol and then inserted the pod into the open space.
-   The Zeo symbol was on the Zeo Laser Pistols and the Power Pods.

-   Plant monsters Pollenator and Adrian could form an energy barrier which deflected the Zeo Laser Pistols' lasers.
-   After Rocky had told the others that they had to use oxygen to defeat Pollenator, Tommy had the Rangers form the advanced Zeo Laser Pistols and hit the monster with a "pure oxygen field," which took the form of red energy beams from the advanced Zeo Laser Pistols.
-   The combined laser fire of the advanced Zeo Laser Pistols, supposedly in the form of a "pure oxygen field," destroyed Pollenator.

-   Because he had infected the Rangers' computer-based weapons, Mean Screen was able to deflect the Zeo Laser Pistols' and advanced Zeo Laser Pistols' lasers, with blue and red forcefields, respectively.
-   Raymond's antivirus cured the Rangers' computers and protected them from further infections.

-   The standard Zeo Laser Pistols now shot Ranger-colored laser beams and would continue to do so unless otherwise indicated.
-   The Super Zeozords wielded Super Zeo Laser Pistols, Zord-sized versions of the advanced Zeo Laser Pistols.

-   Tommy's Zeo Laser Pistol lasers temporarily defeated Protectron.

- Phrases used to call for the use of the Zeo Laser Pistols
411-AFBS Tommy: "Zeo Laser Pistols, now!"
444-BMOT Tommy: "Zeo Laser Pistol!"

- Phrases used to call for the use of the advanced Zeo Laser Pistols
405-FCOL Tommy: "All right, guys, Zeo Laser Pistols, now!"
411-AFBS Tommy: "Rangers, lock on Power Pods and prepare to hit him with a pure oxygen field!"

- Phrases used for Rangers to wield Power Pod swords
408-PuBl Tommy: "Swords, guys!"

-   The toy line called the Power Pod swords "Zeo Laser Blades."

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