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-   Being suited up in the Zeo Ranger suits by the Zeo Subcrystals had cleaned the teens' faces, as seen when the Rangers removed their helmets.
-   To morph into battle for the first time, the helmetless Zeo Rangers held out their arms, causing their Zeonizers to appear (between shots) on their morphed wrists; they then connected the Zeonizers and performed their standard morph sequences for the first time.
-   Similar to the stylized lightning bolt which preceded almost all of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers' morph sequences, the Zeonizers' morph sequences were almost always preceded by a close-up of the left Zeonizer's gold disc flipping up and giving off green streaks of light.
-   In front of a background consisting of the close-up of the Zeonizer disc giving off Ranger-colored streaks, each teen wore a Ranger-colored t-shirt and kept the Zeonizers in the connected position as he or she called out his or her morphing call; Ranger-colored light flooded out from the Zeonizer disc (on the actual Zeonizer, not the background) after the "Zeo Ranger <number>" part of the call; after the color part of the call, he or she brought his or her arms up below his or her face, with both arms diagonal as a Zeo shape formed from energy bolts from the Zeonizers, and the shape positioned itself where it would be on the helmet, with green grid lines through it; after the teen had moved his or her arms down to his or her side, green energy flowed down from the shape, forming the green grid lines of the Zeo Ranger suit; a wave of bluish-green energy flames then went up the body, turning the grid lines into the actual suit, with a shot of empty grid lines of Kat's left arm being suited up into the glove; after each morph was done, there was a flash of Ranger-colored light, matching the Ranger who had just morphed; for Tommy's morph, bluish-green flames hovered around him as the grid formed, then they flew down and gathered together up his body to form the suit over the grid.
-   The morphing phrases were as follows:

Kat: "Zeo Ranger One, Pink!"
Tanya: "Zeo Ranger Two, Yellow!"
Rocky: "Zeo Ranger Three, Blue!"
Adam: "Zeo Ranger Four, Green!"
Tommy: "Zeo Ranger Five, Red!"

?   During the morph sequence, Kat's shoulders were broader than Zeo Ranger One's, Tanya's shoulders were higher than Zeo Ranger Two's, Rocky's trapezius muscles were slightly higher than Zeo Ranger Three's, and his left arm was quite beyond the Zeo Ranger Three grid, and Tommy's shoulders were quite a bit higher than Zeo Ranger Five's.
?   The teens' images in the morphs would always remain the same, never changing to match a teen's clothes, altered hairstyle, or other cosmetic or wardrobe alterations.

-   The teens also had a quicker version of the morphing process, in which the morphing phrases weren't uttered; first was an empty arm grid being suited up, as was usually shown before Kat's normal morph; then the body grid was shown simply appearing over Tommy as he kept his arms down by his sides, and the bluish-green energy flames then formed his suit; finally, a splitscreen showed the empty helmet grids of the other four Rangers (with Zeo Rangers Four and Three on top and Two and One on bottom) being turned into helmets by the bluish-green energy flames.

-   When Rocky, Tanya, and Kat morphed while running, their generic morph sequences were not shown; rather, Ranger-colored light shone from the Zeonizers once the devices were connected, and the Ranger helmets then flew from the Zeonizers and covered their faces while the same light shone around their bodies and suited them up the rest of the way.

-   Rocky and Adam, morphing at the same time, had a two-way splitscreen morph featuring their empty grids being suited up by the bluish-green energy flames.
-   Rocky's solo morph, later, was standard.
-   When the four teens (Rocky absent) morphed, their empty grids were suited up in a four-way splitscreen with Zeo Rangers Five and Four on top and Two and One on bottom.
-   Rocky had another standard solo morph; unless otherwise stated, the morphs would continue to remain the standard versions, not the empty grid versions.

-   After running with his Zeonizers on his wrists, Adam leapt into the air and morphed with green streaks in the middle of a midair frontflip; at the moment of morphing, his arms and Zeonizers couldn't be seen, so he might have connected the Zeonizers during his flip.

-   Tommy again had a full-screen morph followed by a split-screen of the empty grids of the other four Rangers, but this time, Tommy's full-screen morph was the normal version, including his morphing phrase.

-   When Rocky, Tanya, and Adam morphed this time, their morph sequences weren't shown; after the generic Zeonizer disc flipped up, the three Rangers were shown fighting in morphed form.

-   Tommy again had his full-screen morph (without his morphing phrase), but before it was the splitscreen of the four empty grids.
-   The Gold Ranger morph came after the Zeo Ranger morphs whenever Jason morphed along with the others.

-   When the four teens (Tommy absent) morphed, they had a four-way splitscreen of their empty grids being suited up.

-   This time, the Rangers' morph sequences weren't shown; the generic pre-morph disc merely faded to solid green, and then the Rangers were shown in morphed form.

?   Kat's morph while in free-fall from a cliff was different: after she had connected her Zeonizers and called out her morphing phrase, pink (rather than green) light shone out from the connected Zeonizers, and a pink (rather than green) energy wave then passed down her body (rather than up) to morph her; additionally, she kept her arms in the Zeonizer-connection position throughout the morph rather than lowering her arms to her sides as she normally had done.
-   When semi-morphed Kat struck the water after her morph had only reached down to her knees, the morph shorted out with pink impact waves on the surface of the water and pink flashes of light underwater, with Kat now back to her unmorphed form; this is the last time a Zeo Ranger would be seen or mentioned, with the exception of the Gold Ranger.

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