- Zeo Ranger Three's Zeozord; modeled after a sphinx
First Appearance: 403-ShSt
Last Appearance: 449-HZeo
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-   Zeozord Three was Zeo Ranger Three's Zeozord.
-   Zordon said that Zeozords Three and Four were the driving forces of the Zeozords; Zeozord Three pulled Zeozord One with two chains which could connect the two Zords.
-   According to Zordon, Zeozord Three possessed the mythical power of the sphinx.
-   Zeozord Three could fire orange energy from the two tiny cannons in its forehead.
-   Riding in a seat on a track into his Zord, Rocky entered Zeozord Three apparently through the bump running over the top of the sphinx's head.
-   Zeozord Three caught a flying Quadrafighter in its mouth.
-   Zeozord Three shot what looked like a red or orange energy blast from its two forehead cannons.
-   Zeozord One's pulling chains were attached to Zeozord Three's shoulders.
-   Zeozord Three formed the torso and arms of the Zeo Megazord.

-   The Zeo Three Battle Helmet was the back section of Zeozord Three's headdress, turned over.

-   When all five Zeozords fired at once, a blue energy beam fired from Zeozord Three's forehead cannons.


-   Cog Changer shot a controlling gear into the Zeo Megazord through the mouth of Zeozord Three.
-   Later, Zordon said he was picking up some unusual readings in the "Zeozord Holding Bay," and the Viewing Screen showed a schematic of the Zeo Megazord with a red circle flashing over the top of Zeozord Two; Billy, looking at the Viewing Screen, said it looked like there was a loose wire in the auxiliary sub-cockpit, and he then went into a control room somewhere inside the Zeo Megazord.

- Phrases used to power up Zeozord Three
403-ShSt Rocky: "Zeozord Three, check this out!"
- Zeozord Three tilts back a bit and roars
413-MnSc Rocky: "Zeozord Three, primed!"

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