- Zeo Ranger Five's Zeozord; modeled after a phoenix
First Appearance: 403-ShSt
Last Appearance: 449-HZeo
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-   Zeozord Five was Zeo Ranger Five's Zeozord.
-   According to Zordon, Zeozord Five embodied the spirit of the phoenix.
-   Zordon said he knew that Zeozord Five's fierceness and mobility would serve Tommy well as its pilot.
-   Riding in a seat on a track into his Zord, Tommy entered Zeozord Five through an entrance just behind the black cockpit bubble on the phoenix's head.
-   Zeozord Five, shot by Quadrafighters, crashed into power lines, where it would remain helpless until the Rangers inserted their Zeonizer Crystals and initiated the Zeo Megazord assembly.
-   Zeozord Five formed the head and back of the Zeo Megazord.
-   The Zeo Five Battle Helmet was not a visible component of Zeozord Five.

-   Billy told Tommy that the Defender Wheel, a new weapon he and Alpha had created, was loaded up into Zeozord Five.
-   When Tommy would call for the Defender Wheel, Zeozord Five would always fly overhead and drop the Defender Wheel from an opening in its underbelly.
-   When the Rangers summoned the Zeozords soon after Tommy had used the Defender Wheel, Zeozord Five was back in the holding bay with the other Zeozords.

-   When Adam was captured by giant Fortissimodo before he could teleport to his Zord, Tommy switched from the Zeozord Five cockpit into the Defender Wheel.
-   Inside what looked like a cargo bay in Zeozord Five, the Defender Wheel's tire descended into the base, and Tommy was then inside; the Defender Wheel then dropped out of Zeozord Five with Tommy inside.
-   When all five Zeozords fired at once, a red energy beam fired from Zeozord Five's head.

-   The Zeo Megazord cockpit was in its head, a part of Zeozord Five.

- Phrases used to power up Zeozord Five
403-ShSt Tommy: "Zeozord Five, let's go!"
- Zeozord Five opens wings and primes thrusters
409-IORS Tommy: "All right, let's do it!"
412-InOD Tommy: "Showtime!"
412-InOD Tommy: "Let's bring him down!"
413-MnSc Tommy: "Zeozord Five, online!"
417-Sno3 428-PwOG 429-SmPr Tommy: "All right!"

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