- Zeo Rangers' substitute Zords while Super Zeozords remained absent (403-ShSt through 434-GHom); modeled after ancient mythological images
First Appearance: 403-ShSt
Last Appearance: 449-HZeo
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-   When Tommy asked what they would do if the Machine Empire launched a full assault since the old Zords were gone, Billy replied, "We're working on that. You won't believe what we came up with."; apparently, he had been collaborating with Zordon and/or Alpha in working on the Zeozords.

-   Billy was working on the wiring beneath a control panel in the Power Chamber when Zordon thanked him for his technical help on the Zeozords.
-   Billy wondered why the Zeozords were being hidden in the mountains outside of Angel Grove, and Zordon explained that the mountains might prevent the Zords from being picked up by the Machine Empire's scanning systems; Quadrafighters, however, quickly discovered the secret location (see "Zord Holding Bay"), and Mondo remarked that Zordon insulted him by thinking he could hide the Zords from him.
-   Mondo sent Cogs to infiltrate the holding bay to sabotage the Zeozords before they were completed.
-   Zordon referred to the holding bay as the "Zeozord fabricating armory."
-   The Rangers were forced to use the Zeozords before they had been tested.
-   Zordon told Kat and Tanya that he had placed the responsibility of the Zeozords' arsenal in their hands; he told them to use Zeozord One's and Zeozord Two's tremendous firepower with temperance and good judgment.
?   The Viewing Screen showed images of Zeozords One, Two, and Three in the holding bay, but also showed footage of the five Zeozords in action outside, even though the Zords had not yet been tested.
-   After describing to the Rangers their Zeozords, Zordon reminded them that the new Zords were only machines; he said that the most important resources the Rangers had to fight the Machine Empire were their hearts and minds, which were greater tools than anything that could be manufactured.
-   After morphing in the Power Chamber, the Rangers rode in seats down tracks from holes in the Zeozord Holding Bay ceiling, riding into the tops of their Zeozords; these seats in which the Rangers rode were apparently not the Zeozord cockpit seats, which were smaller with more rounded edges.
?   Tanya noted that their weapons couldn't break through Staroid's sphere of armor, but the Zords weren't shown trying to attack the sphere.
?   As Staroid glowed with flaming red energy and descended toward the Zeozords, Tommy said it was too hot and that the Zeozord [sic] couldn't take the heat, but Zeozord Five was significantly further away from Staroid than the other four Zords.
?   Zordon told Tommy to use his Zeonizer Crystal to activate the Zeo Megazord, but all five Rangers inserted their Zeonizer Crystals.
-   The Rangers inserted their Zeonizer Crystals into the center of their individual Zord controls, at which point a column of orange energy shot up from each crystal; once the five crystals had been inserted, the Zeozords suddenly fled the scene, as though they had received a sudden power boost, and soon initiated the Zeo Megazord transformation.
?   After the Megazord was complete, the five Rangers (left to right: Three, Two, Five, One, and Four) rode in seats (the same seats ridden down from the ceiling of the holding bay) down tracks toward a central, unknown location in the Megazord; they were apparently switching into the Zeo Megazord's cockpit, but for all five Rangers to be descending, the cockpit would have had to have been located within Zeozord One or Zeozord Two.

-   When the Rangers summoned the Zeozords, the Zord controls were shown activating by themselves, and the Zeozords left the holding bay on autopilot.

-   The Zeozords fought giant Fortissimodo individually for a short while.

-   Mean Screen's computer virus in the Power Chamber computer network invaded the Zeozords' computer; it was working its way through the protective software and into the main operating system.
-   Zordon said that without the computer system, the Zords would be unable to come together to form the Zeo Megazord.
-   After Raymond's antivirus disk had been inserted into the console in the Power Chamber, a green lightning bolt symbol made the transition from the world map monitor to a "Zord Status" display, with the five Zeo shapes, and status meters filling up with bright Ranger-colored light; the meters vanished once they were full.
-   Raymond's antivirus cured the Zords and protected them from further infections.

?   The Rangers called on the Zeozords while Robocupid was still small; Tommy then summoned the Defender Wheel from Zeozord Five.
?   After Robocupid was giant, Tommy again summoned the Zeozords in the exact same manner as the Rangers had done a minute earlier.

-   When Tommy asked Zordon to check the Zeozords in the middle of the night, all systems appeared to be online, and there were no indications of any abnormalities.
-   During his fight with the Zeo Megazord, giant Main Drain grappled the Megazord with a tentacle, tapping directly into the Megazord's main power supply.
-   Giant Main Drain launched blue energy bolts from all over its body at the Megazord, causing the saber to break and the Megazord to stumble back; Alpha then teleported the Megazord back to the repair bay, and the Rangers were shown riding in their seats back up the tracks inside the Megazord before entering the Power Chamber through the western double doors.
-   Alpha estimated that it would take 3.6 days to repair the Megazord.

-   As a monitor in the Pyramidas cockpit showed schematics of the Zeo Ultrazord Carrier Mode and Zeo Ultrazord, Gold Ranger told the Rangers that he was transmitting data to them showing that he and they could join their Zords together to form one Zord, the Zeo Ultrazord; he said there was a designated space for each of the Rangers' Zords within his structure, and that joined together, he and they were ten times more powerful than any one of them alone.
-   To form the Zeo Ultrazord, the Zeo Megazord beamed toward the Zeo Ultrazord's back with orange energy, then its component Zords were shown sliding into their compartments in the cavity in the Zeo Ultrazord's back; on bottom were Zeozords Two and One, then on the platform above them was Zeozord Four, with Zeozord Three on the platform above that and Zeozord Five suspended above that.

-   The gray seats in the Super Zeozord cockpits appeared to be identical to the seats in the Zeozord cockpits.

-   When Jason was turned into gold by the giant Midas Hound, shorthanding the team, Zordon had Adam remain behind to ready the Zeozords, while the other Rangers used the Super Zeozords.

-   During the Machine Empire's full-scale assault on Angel Grove, the Zeo Megazord, Red Battlezord, and Super Zeo Megazord were shown on a large conveyor belt in the holding bay.

-   The Zeozords and Red Battlezord could ride on the expanded Pyramidas as the Zeo Ultrazord Carrier Mode.

- Phrases used for Rangers to summon Zeozords
404-Trgt 405-FCOL 408-PuBl 409-IORS 417-Sno3 427-GHnr 429-SmPr 430-OBOR 431-RBye 432-DIKY 434-GHom 449-HZeo Rangers: "We need Zeozord power, now!"
418-InSp Tommy: "We need Zeo Megazord power!"
Rangers: "Now!"
416-Sno2 421-Bro? 447-RTW1 Tommy: "We need Zeozord power, now!"
424-BlkF Tommy: "Let's do it, guys!"
Rangers: "We need Zeozord power, now!"
428-PwOG Tommy: "I think it's time for the Zeo Megazord!" (tells Gold Ranger to let them take over)
Five Zeo Rangers: "We need Zeozord power, now!"
439-RCGo Tommy: "Adam, we need you and the Zeozords, now!"

- Phrases used to summon Zeozords, ultimately to use the Defender Wheel on the small monster
416-Sno1 Tommy: "We need Zeozord power, now!"

- Phrases used for Rangers to teleport into Zeozords
408-PuBl Rangers: "Let's do it!"
413-MnSc Tommy: "Let's do it!"
417-Sno3 Tommy: "Let's go!"

- Phrases used once Rangers are in the Zeozords
416-Sno2 Tommy: "Everybody ready for battle?"
Adam: "All systems go."
Tanya: "I'm ready!"
Rocky: "Me too!"
Kat: "All right, let's do it!"

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