- young son of Magna Defender; slain by Scorpius 3,000 years ago
First Appearance: 710-Sunf
Last Appearance: 742-EsLG
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-   Before one of Magna Defender's confrontations with one of Scorpius's monsters, a long dart, later revealed to have been Zika's, suddenly impaled Samuron's hand as Magna Defender walked in from the distance.
-   Dangling from the end of the dart were two metal diamond-shaped ornamental tags, both bearing along one lower edge a gold line with a tiny black zigzag through it; around the dart itself was another gold band with a zigzag as well.

-   Looking at Zika's dart, Magna Defender told Zika he would never forgive Scorpius for what he'd done to Zika, or what he'd done to their planet.
-   In Magna Defender's memory from 3,000 years ago, a gray planet covered with a grainy surface was in space with a red nebula behind it; explosions were erupting over its surface from space.
-   As Magna Defender, having survived, had confronted Scorpius and his monsters, Scorpius had revealed Fishface holding Magna Defender's armored son Zika.
-   Zika wore a kid-sized armored suit similar to Magna Defender's; it, however, had a visor bisected vertically into two goggle-like eyes, but like Magna Defender, he had a green hexagon in his chest and forehead.
-   As Magna Defender, defeated, had told Scorpius to leave Zika alone, Fishface had shoved Zika down on Scorpius's word to release him.
-   Zika had then pulled out his dart weapon and charged toward Scorpius, but an orange energy bolt from Scorpius then struck Zika in the chest, and he fell to the ground with a scream, mortally wounded.
-   Magna Defender had crawled sobbingly toward Zika's body as he then appeared to be alone in the flaming rubble.
-   Looking at the dart and the night sky in the present, Magna Defender swore to have his revenge against Scorpius.

-   Confronted by Leo's honor, Magna Defender recalled having honor like Leo's long ago; in a field with a purple sky and various planets and galaxies above, Zika had happily run up to Magna Defender for them to embrace.
-   Magna Defender had given Zika the dagger as a gift, and Zika planned to keep it forever, saying when he grew up, he would fight for good, just like his father; Magna Defender had chuckled that that was his little warrior.
-   Later, as the dying Magna Defender observed the Rangers' willingness to sacrifice themselves for others, he collapsed, remembering that there had been a time when he would have done the same, but that had been before he'd become obsessed with revenge.
-   Magna Defender remembered Zika crying out from Fishface's grasp and apologized to his son for failing him.
-   From nearby, Zika walked up carrying a cluster of small white wildflowers, apparently only in Magna Defender's mind, as shots including Zika would be tranquil, lacking the flames which surrounded Magna Defender in reality.
-   Rising slowly, Magna Defender asked Zika whether it was really him; Zika urged his father to stop the evil forces from winning and to save the colony, but Magna Defender, recalling that he'd been unable to save even Zika, said he was not the warrior he had once been; that man, he said, had been destroyed long ago.
-   As Magna Defender stumbled and crawled toward him, Zika told his father that it wasn't too late; kneeling beside him, he told Magna Defender that the warrior was still in his heart, and if he fought for what was right, he would honor Zika's memory, and they would always be together.
-   Magna Defender gently took the wildflowers from his son and looked at him, and as Zika walked away with the words, "Please try, father. I still believe in you," Magna Defender painfully called out for him to wait, but reality returned as Zika vanished, leaving Magna Defender with only the wildflowers in his hand.
-   As Magna Defender walked up the hill to the lava pit after releasing Mike and generating an energy barrier around the teens, Magna Defender was agonizingly staggering through the flaming hillside with Zika's flowers, but the scene blended into a tranquil scene of Magna Defender walking hand-in-hand with Zika, the flowers held by both of them.
-   Magna Defender told Zika he'd been right: goodness was still in his heart; Zika was proud of his father, but Magna Defender spoke, "No, Zika, I am proud of you. Thank you, son, for showing me the way," and reality returned.
-   At the edge of the lava pit, smoking intensely, Magna Defender dedicated his actions to Zika and dropped the flowers, then flew into the pit as a ball of light, neutralizing the evil energy within.

-   As Mike watched the Rangers in trouble, the ghosts of Magna Defender and Zika walked up to Mike holding hands as Magna Defender told Mike he would carry on the work they had begun; Mike was given Magna Defender's sword and two Magna Defender Morphers.
-   Magna Defender told Mike he would be the Magna Defender, as it was his destiny; the two ghosts then faded out despite Mike's calling after them.

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