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Pilot Episode
-   Zoltar knew that Rita had escaped and that she was attacking the planet, saying his sensors had picked up her evil vibrations.
-   Zoltar had Alpha initiate "plan B," whereby Alpha pushed a button to teleport to them what Zoltar described as "the most dangerous group of ruthless, underhanded, self-absorbed, and over-emotional humans in the area" - teenagers.
-   Zoltar introduced himself to the teens as "an interdimensional being caught in a time warp."
-   Zoltar referred to Alpha as his trusted assistant.
-   Billy described Zoltar as an "inter-temporal, cross-dimensional super-being with outward verbal communication."
-   Zoltar called Kim "my dear."
-   When Jason asked Zoltar why he couldn't fight Rita, Zoltar replied that she'd trapped him in a time warp long ago.
-   Zoltar told the teens that as teenagers, the future of the planet was theirs, and they were now called upon to defend that future.
-   When the teens walked out, Zoltar was confident they would come around.
-   After spotting the teens in the desert through her telescope, Rita concluded that Zoltar had to be behind this.
-   Zoltar chuckled when Billy pulled a tendon jumping into a split in the Command Center after their battle.
-   Zoltar rolled his eyes painfully in response to Kim's "psych!" joke.

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