- holding bay for Zeo Rangers' Zords in mountains
First Appearance: (interior and exterior) 403-ShSt, (cannon) 419-Chal
Last Appearance: (interior) 447-RTW1, (cannon and exterior) 448-RTW2
See Also: Power Chamber
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-   Zordon had had the Zeozords hidden in the mountains outside of Angel Grove in hopes of hiding them from the Machine Empire, but Quadrafighters quickly discovered the secret location, and Mondo remarked that Zordon insulted him by thinking he could hide the Zords from him.
-   Zordon referred to the holding bay as the "Zeozord fabricating armory."
-   After morphing in the Power Chamber, the Rangers rode in seats down tracks from holes in the holding bay ceiling, riding into the tops of their Zeozords.
-   Lit up on the darkened floor of the holding bay's runway was the large black writing "U.A O.H" [sic].
-   Enormous sliding doors at the end of the runway opened after the Rangers had entered and powered up their Zeozords for the first time.

-   When Alpha said he was teleporting the damaged Zeo Megazord back to the repair bay, the Rangers were shown riding in their seats back up the tracks inside the Megazord before entering the Power Chamber through the western double doors.
-   The Red Battlezord went out of control, walking through the metal girders around it in the holding bay; it was then shown outside in the mountains, where it punched the landscape nearby.

-   From the outside, the holding bay doors looked like a large metal facility built into a set of mountains.
-   When Tommy would call for the Red Battlezord, the holding bay doors would open, and a large cannon would extend from the holding bay; the cannon would then shoot the Red Battlezord out of it, sending it spinning head-first through the air.

-   The holding bay's cannon could launch a single Super Zeozord, or all five Super Zeozords in a rapid sequence.

-   The cannon could also launch Warrior Wheel in wheel form.

-   Morphed Adam went to the Zord Holding Bay to prepare the Zeozords to assist the Super Zeozords against giant Midas Hound.

-   During the Machine Empire's full-scale assault on Angel Grove, the Zeo Megazord, Red Battlezord, and Super Zeo Megazord were shown on a large conveyor belt in the holding bay; the cannon then launched the whole Super Zeo Megazord.
-   All of the Rangers' Zords (and Warrior Wheel), with the exception of Pyramidas, were regularly stored in the holding bay.
-   When the holding bay was attacked by Quadrafighters, Jason had Alpha initiate the Zord evacuation procedure, in which the Zeo Megazord and Warrior Wheel descended beneath the floor, which then closed over them.
-   Cogs infiltrated the holding bay.
-   The holding bay's interior had light outside the small windows on the walls near the ceiling, and the large, outer doors appeared to be open.

-   The Zeozords came out of the holding bay in component form, not Megazord form.
?   Zordon called the Zord Holding Bay the "Zeozord Holding Bay" this one time; perhaps he was referring to the area of the Zord Holding Bay which contained the Zeozords.
-   Shortly after the Zeo Ultrazord Carrier Mode (containing the Zeozords in component form) had retreated from battle, the Zeo Megazord was in the holding bay.
-   Cog Changer's gear made the Zeo Megazord come to life, trashing the holding bay while Billy was trapped in the sub-cockpit.
-   The Zeo Megazord flew straight up and left out a panel in the holding bay ceiling, which slid open (revealing sky above) for the Megazord.

-   The cannon again launched the whole Super Zeo Megazord.

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