- legendary interdimensional being; champion of Good; former mentor to many Power Ranger teams
Full Name: Zordon of Earth (Source: 338-Bulk);
Zordon of Eltar (Source: MMPR: The Movie)
First Appearance: 101-DOTD
Last Appearance: 643-CTD2
See Also: Zoltar
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-   Zordon had a red dome of crystals at the base of his plasma tube.
-   Zordon knew that Rita had escaped and that she was attacking the planet.
-   Zordon told Alpha to summon "five overbearing and overemotional humans" - teenagers.
-   Zordon was initially absent after the teens had been summoned, but he appeared in his tube from energy from his side columns after the teens had encountered Alpha.
-   Zordon referred to himself as "an interdimensional being caught in a time warp."
-   Zordon called Kim "my dear."
-   Zordon somehow knew the teens' names and personality traits.
-   The face of Zordon's corporeal form was seen briefly in the Viewing Globe before the globe showed the picture of Rita.
-   Zordon didn't seem bothered by the teens' walking out, yet he didn't make any effort to send them home once they'd turned him down.
-   Only after the teens had become Rangers and won the battle did Zordon tell them: "Now that you have become Power Rangers, you must follow three basic rules or lose the protection of the power. First, never use your power for personal gain. Second, never escalate a battle unless Rita forces you. And finally, keep your identities secret; no one may know you are a Power Ranger."

-   Rita had trapped Zordon in his time warp.
-   Zordon had told the teens to try to take care of things on their own before using their powers.
-   Zordon often knew the names of monsters and details about them, such as powers and weaknesses.
-   Zordon seemed to coin the phrase, "it's morphin' time."
-   When Jason called out to Zordon that they needed Dinozord power, only the Tyrannosaurus emerged.
-   Zordon and Alpha fixed the communicators, enabling the teens to communicate and teleport with them.

-   Zordon agreed with Alpha that the Zords didn't stand a chance against the Minotaur.
-   Zordon was able to talk to the Rangers in their cockpits.
-   Speaking through the glowing white Power Sword, Zordon told the Rangers it was time to unite their weapons.

-   Zordon thought to summon the Power Crystals after it seemed hopeless that Jason was confronted by Goldar and King Sphinx, both giant.

-   Zordon tracked down Eye Guy's main eye and then contacted morphed Billy, with Billy seeming to hear and reply without his communicator.

-   Eons ago when he had a body, Zordon had discovered the singing squash in the dimensional gap on Bromak 5; Rita had sent the Putties to stop him.
-   Zordon had fought at least one dark Putty while retrieving the singing squash.
-   Zordon had lassoed the singing squash with a rope he had on him.
-   Billy and Kim thought Zordon was green.

?   Zordon said that Jason was right, and that Rita was responsible for Marge's disappearance, but Jason had never said anything about Rita.

-   Alpha and/or Zordon had sent a message to Angel Grove Airport so there would be an ambulance waiting when Kim landed Steve's plane, presumably because Alpha and Zordon had figured out by then that Steve was unconscious or hurt.

-   Zordon sensed a dangerous disturbance in the Morphing Grid, and he had the teens retrieve "a lamp" from the park, sensing Rita was up to something; the teens brought the lamp into the Command Center without considering the possibility of a monster inside.
-   When the Rangers were being overwhelmed by the Genie, Zordon had Alpha teleport them back to the Command Center to regroup.
-   Zordon told the Rangers that if they believed in themselves and combined their powers, the Genie couldn't beat them, but it was Alpha's destruction of the lamp which ultimately saved the Rangers.
?   Zordon briefly had a hole in the superimpose effect of his cheek.

-   Zordon knew from Rita's kidnapping of Maria that she was going to use the Power Eggs.
-   Zordon had been fearing Rita's using the Power Eggs for ten millennia.

-   Immediately after Rita had given the green Power Coin to Tommy, Zordon told Alpha to recharge as Zordon placed himself into a meditative state.
-   Zordon apparently returned after Alpha's "hostile takeover" alert.
-   Zordon asked how it was possible that Green Ranger was in the Command Center, saying that only those with a Power Coin could enter undetected.
-   Zordon realized upon seeing the Green Ranger with the green Power Coin that Rita had "finally chosen someone to give [the coin] to."
-   Zordon knew that Tommy was the Green Ranger.
-   Green Ranger's ripping out the control panels and their wires caused Zordon to lose contact with this dimension.

-   Finster recalled that when Rita's evil knight had defeated Zordon's soldiers thousands of years ago, the Sword of Darkness was taken from Zordon and given to Rita as a prize.
-   Finster noted that Zordon knew of the sword's power to keep people under evil spells unless destroyed.
-   Zordon had never mentioned a Green Ranger to the teens.
-   When the subgenerator locked onto something, Zordon sent the Command Center a short, garbled transmission about the Green Ranger.

-   When Zordon's signal was barely coming in, Billy told Alpha to lock on to Zordon's molecular pattern and increase the power.

-   Zordon briefly got through to Alpha to tell him he was in sector Q9.
-   Before vanishing after Green Ranger's attempt to banish him to another dimension, Zordon said "the grid" was failing and that he was losing contact.
-   Alpha asked Billy about the chances of bringing Zordon back, and Billy said about 10%.

-   Trying to bring back Zordon, Alpha had to get access to Zordon's dimensional files; he did so and then began a search of sector 10Q9.
-   Alpha successfully re-established the computer linkup between the Command Center and Zordon.
-   When the Power Coins began glowing in the Rangers' Morphers, Jason knew that Zordon was back.
-   Once Tommy had turned good and joined the Rangers, Zordon said, "Finally, the prophecy has been fulfilled. The sixth Ranger is now one of us."
-   Once the six teens had morphed back into their Ranger forms, the Dragon Dagger, its symbol glowing red, flew to Green Ranger; it was possibly levitated by Zordon, who was speaking at the time.
-   Zordon spoke to the six Rangers from a distance, his voice not seeming to come from any Ranger's communicator.
-   Zordon seemed familiar with the Dragon Dagger, the Dragonzord, and the Dragonzord Battle Mode combination.
-   Zordon was very proud of Alpha's leadership capabilities in his absence.

-   Alpha said there was no known cure for Shellshock's stoplight freeze ray, but Zordon then spoke of the rare flower called the deandra which could reverse the effects of the ray.
-   Zordon and Yellow Ranger spoke to each other across a distance, seemingly without the use of her communicator.

-   Zordon volunteered to watch over Zack's sleeping students and had Zack flee the scene to avoid also being caught by Rita's sleeping powder moths.
-   Zordon didn't call Tommy into action until Jason had requested help.

-   Zordon again didn't call Tommy into action until he was needed.
-   Zordon returned the Zords to their hiding places because, as he said, they were ineffective against Spit Flower.
-   Zordon had Tommy stay behind to be their last hope if the Rangers were to fail in their second battle with the Spit Flower.

-   Zordon knew about the Super Putties which would be created from the super putty Rita had mined.

-   While the others were to distract the Super Putties, Zordon sent Jason and Tommy, each with half of a map, to retrieve the weapons he knew could defeat the Super Putties; his plan was for the two to learn to work together while on their quest.
-   After Jason and Tommy had returned with the special weapons, Zordon revealed that Titanus, who had shot fireballs at the two, was only a test of their teamwork and was actually a valuable ally and friend.

-   Zordon knew about Kim's search for her grandmother's spinning wheel, that Goldar had stolen it, and that Rita had turned it into the Wheel of Misfortune.
-   Zordon knew about Tommy's capture while Alpha didn't.
?   Zordon's voice sounded different from its normal sound as he was filling Tommy in on the situation.
-   At some point, Zordon had told Jason to bring all the Zords together to form the Ultrazord.

-   As Rita was summoning Mutitis and Lokar, Zordon was picking up unusual power surges from Rita's "moonbase," more massive than any energy he had sensed before; Zordon hypothesized that Rita was harnessing a power he was not familiar with.
-   After the Rangers were losing to giant Mutitis, Zordon called Tommy into action, and Tommy was now able to leave his two students with Ernie.

-   Zordon knew that Jason was with his cousin Jeremy on the beach.

-   Zordon told the Rangers they could destroy Samurai Fan Man with the Zords, but the monster was still small at the time.

-   Zordon knew that Goldar, not Rita, had sent down Babe Ruthless.
-   Zordon had Alpha teleport the five Rangers to their Zords before Goldar, Scorpina, and Babe Ruthless had grown.

-   Zordon assumed from the apparent rampage of the Dragonzord (actually Cyclops in disguise) following Tommy's capture that Rita had regained control of the Dragonzord; he soon discovered from the sensors that it was an imposter Dragonzord.
-   Zordon knew about the Green Candle's composition and powers and that Tommy had touched the wax when he had worked for Rita.

-   After Tommy had given his powers to Jason to prevent Rita from obtaining them, Zordon told Tommy he was a strong and courageous fighter and an honorable man.

-   After the Rangers had failed to follow his previous instructions, Zordon sounded a bit annoyed when he told them Hatchasaurus had not been defeated, and that they still had to destroy Cardiatron.

-   After a dimensional beam from the moon palace had teleported everyone in Angel Grove but the teens to another dimension, Zordon had Alpha lock the scanner onto the dimensional beam and carefully track its coordinates for any movement toward Earth, fearing Rita would move her palace to Earth, greatly increasing her powers.
-   Zordon and Alpha had encountered Cyclopsis ten thousand years ago.
-   Zordon seemed to summon Titanus to save the fallen Zords from Cyclopsis.
-   After Rita had buried Titanus and used Lokar's power to reconstruct Cyclopsis following the Ultrazord's destruction of the Warzord, Zordon didn't want the teens doing anything until their Zords were re-energized.

-   After the Rangers had destroyed Cyclopsis and sent Rita fleeing back to the moon, Zordon said the Rangers had dealt Rita a serious blow and had proven themselves to be the mightiest heroes on Earth; he told them they had gone far beyond the call of duty and had saved the world from a terrible fate, and that although the danger had not passed completely, the teens could now choose whether they wished to remain Rangers or return to their regular lives; they all chose to remain Rangers, deeply pleasing Zordon.

-   When Trini told Zordon that Pudgy Pig was atually a real pig named Norman and that they couldn't hurt him, Zordon replied that that was unfortunate, but that they should do their best to keep him under control and keep him from running free at all costs.

-   When everything in the Command Center went haywire, Zordon was familiar with the disturbance and suspected that Rita was using her lion-goat, Goatan.

-   Zordon had been fearing Goldar's summoning of the Crystal of Nightmares.
-   Zordon told the teens that without self-confidence, their powers were completely useless, so he sent them to destroy the Crystal of Nightmares.
-   Zordon seemed to telepathically speak to the teens after the Crystal of Nightmares had been destroyed.

-   Zordon was aware that Jason, Trini, and Zack had gone scuba diving in the ocean off Angel Grove Beach.

-   Zordon noted that Rita had finally hatched her Fighting Flea.

-   When the Rangers had to decide between their parents or their Power Coins, Zordon told them that they alone had to make the choice.
-   After the teens had given up their Power Coins and yet Goldar hadn't released their parents, Zordon told them that they'd made the correct decision nonetheless.

-   Tommy asked how he could help without his powers, and Zordon believed the only way possible was for himself to infuse Tommy with an enormous amount of his own energy.
-   A white bolt of energy came from both of Zordon's side cylinders and surrounded Zordon and then struck Tommy, morphing Tommy while he was holding the coin in his fist.
-   Zordon's image began to fade from the power drain, and Green Ranger still didn't have enough power to fight the Putties; Zordon weakly said, "Just a little more," so Jason had Alpha turn up the power.
-   Alpha's power boost only lasted a few seconds before Green Ranger began to weaken again.
-   Zordon's image vanished during Dragonzord's fight with Goldar and Scorpina, both giant.
-   Following Alpha's idea, the five teens combined energy from their Power Coins to bring back Zordon.
-   Zordon knew that the teens' parents would be freed when Dramole was destroyed.

-   Zordon hadn't called Tommy into battle against Grumble Bee.

-   Zordon knew that Zack had sneaked away from the children in the Youth Center and told Zack to return so that he didn't arouse suspicion by staying gone for too long.

-   Zordon feared that all six Rangers would not be enough to defeat Lizzinator.

-   Zordon knew about Tommy's karate match.

-   Zordon sent Jason and Tommy alone to hunt down Slippery Shark while the others stood by, knowing that they had to work together to overpower their rivalry spell.

-   Zordon's greatest fear was supposedly of Rita's monster (Rhinoblaster) banishing the Rangers to the multidimensional vortex.

-   Zordon was familiar with the Badges of Darkness, calling them powerful pseudomorphing devices used to transform Putties into evil mirror images of the Rangers.

-   Something tripped the Command Center alarm, and Zordon had Alpha activate the intergalactic scanners, suspecting Zedd's arrival.
-   Zordon's greatest fear had been of Zedd returning.
-   Zordon feared that the Zords weren't powerful enough to defeat Zedd's magic.
-   Alpha said Zedd's power was unmatched by anything they'd ever seen before.
-   Zedd took note that "old Zordon" was still around, then said that Zordon's "teenage do-gooders" were no match for him.
-   Zordon said the Rangers had been lucky to discover the Putties' weak spots so quickly; their Z's were apparently the sources of their power.
-   Zordon had Tommy temporarily stay behind, while the others confronted Pirantishead, so that he and Alpha could try to reenergize his powers to make them stronger.

-   Zordon told Tommy that once again, he could temporarily strengthen his powers, but he didn't know how long they would last; he said he couldn't risk giving Tommy much more.
-   After Pirantishead had frozen four of the Dinozords and taken control of the Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord, Zordon said it was fortunate that they'd anticipated Zedd's return and had Alpha prepare for "phase two."
-   Once the Rangers had returned to the Command Center, Zordon told the teens that nothing they could do would ever give the Dinozords enough power; they now needed stronger, new Zords equipped with "the power of Thunder" to defeat Zedd.
-   When the Rangers wanted to return to battle with the Zords under Pirantishead's control, Zordon warned them that they could be seriously hurt - a consequence Angel Grove and the world couldn't afford, he said; he remained confident that Billy and Trini would be able to construct the signal blocker necessary to regain control of the Zords.

-   Alpha excitedly cheered for the Rangers as they powered up their Thunderzords, causing Zordon to chuckle.
-   Zordon told the teens that as they mastered the Thunderzords, the Zords would reveal even greater powers.
-   Upon seeing in the Viewing Globe Rita singing "99 Bottles of Slime on the Wall" inside her space dumpster, Zordon zanily shook his head around, rolled his eyes, and sang a bit of the song; this was the only time Zordon was ever shown acting silly.

-   Due to a galactic imbalance caused by a linear alignment of the planets in the solar system, Zordon temporarily de-ionized.
?   Zordon called the teens to the Command Center to tell them about his imminent de-ionizing, something he could have told them just as easily over the communicators.
-   Upon re-ionizing, Zordon knew all about the current situation, including Alpha's countdown to self-destruction and even Dylan's name.
-   Zordon knew of Primator's weakness of seeing his own reflection, even though the scene he showed on the Viewing Globe had happened while he was de-ionized.
-   Although he knew Alpha had meant well, Zordon reprimanded Alpha for leaving the Command Center without telling the teens.

-   As Zordon feared, it was Zedd's deadly Bloom of Doom, with fiery, poisonous pollen, which the sensors had detected.
-   When Tommy prepared to morph into action with the others and Trini reminded him that he should be conserving his powers, Zordon told Trini that Tommy understood the danger and that the decision was Tommy's to make.

-   Morphed Jason knocked the Sword of Power from Robogoat's hand, and Zordon teleported it back to the Command Center, replacing it with the crooked stick which Robogoat had previously disguised as the Sword of Power to trick Tommy.

-   As the other teens prepared to depart for Venus Island to save Hallie, Zordon told Tommy that his powers had been significantly weakened and that if Zedd forced a long fight it could drain the last of his energy, perhaps causing him to be lost along with the island; Tommy went along anyway, telling Zordon that if Zedd pulled anything, he'd teleport back, but when the teens were later confronted by the Invenusable Flytrap on the island, Tommy morphed along with the others rather than doing as he'd told Zordon; soon after Tommy had morphed, Zordon called to tell him that he didn't have enough power to continue and had him teleport back immediately.
-   Zordon knew that Zedd's plan was to weaken Tommy and draw him and Hallie into his evil world.

-   Zordon said his sensors had detected an unusual disruption in the Morphing Grid; he may have been referring to Guitardo's mind-controlling powers.
-   Alpha told Kim that reenergizing Tommy the way they had done before was no longer an option.
?   Zordon said his worst fears had been realized: Guitardo had managed to capture the minds of four of the Rangers; actually, Guitardo's spell had merely suspended the Rangers in midair, leaving them in control of their own minds.
-   When Tommy decided to help the others against Guitardo even though his powers could fail at any time, Zordon commended him and told him there was no other choice.
-   A few notes from the Dragon Dagger freed Tommy from Guitardo's levitation spell, disproving Zordon's statement about the destruction of the monster being the only way to free the others.

-   When the results of Tommy's bioscan came in the next day, Zordon told Tommy that the results were negative; their last effort to restore his powers had failed, and he had enough power left for possibly one last fight.
-   When Tommy wanted to help the others against giant Turbanshell despite having perhaps one last fight left, Zordon told Tommy that only he could decide his own destiny.
-   Zedd stated, "My mortal enemy, Zordon, chose five teenagers to become Power Rangers and defend the world. I also have chosen five, my Dark Rangers, to destroy it!"

-   Zordon knew that the teens wanted Jason to win the Golden Pipe karate trophy but that they knew he was worried about Tommy and that they had gone to find him.
-   When Jason was furious over the capturing and draining of his fellow Rangers, Zordon told him, "Jason, you must control your anger. This is exactly the reaction Lord Zedd wants. You must not allow him to gain the upper hand. Red Ranger, come, stand before me. Jason, a true leader is always faced with tough decisions. He must control his emotions and act based on who has the greatest need."
-   After Alpha told Jason that he'd made the right decision when he'd left the Green Candle, Zordon continued, "The other Rangers needed you then, as they need you now. You must face another tough decision. If you enter Zedd's dimension, your powers could also be lost."
-   When Jason said he was willing to take the risk to save his friends, Zordon told him, "You have made a fine leader, Red Ranger."

-   Zordon said he had feared the Rangers hallucinating monsters, as they were now doing because of a hallucination spell.
-   Zordon knew that Trumpet Top had been created from Zack's uncle's trumpet, the same trumpet which had put the hallucination spell on the teens.

?   While Kim was still asleep in the Cave of Fantasy from Goldar's knockout dust, Zordon told Trini, Billy, and Zack that Goldar had apparently placed Kim under a spell that made it impossible for her to leave on her own, but the only magic of Goldar's that seemed to work was the sleeping dust.
-   Seeing Goldar setting Kim on a throne in a cave, Zordon said that it looked as though Zedd had decided to make Kim his "new queen."

-   When Alpha pointed out that all was safe and secure in Angel Grove, Zordon suggested they use the lull to prepare for the secret mission they had to embark upon; he had Alpha ready the master control panel and prepare to transport into the hidden chamber.
-   After Alpha adjusted the controls, Zordon's image dispersed into his side cylinders, and after saying preparations were complete, Alpha walked through a doorway of light which had appeared.
-   After Zordon had transported from his plasma tube into the Command Center's hidden chamber to prepare to create the White Ranger, Zedd detected a sudden weakness in the Morphing Grid.
-   Zedd said the Morphing Grid's balance was maintained by the constant struggle between Zordon and himself.
-   While creating the White Ranger, Alpha was walking around in the hidden chamber, beside the table on which White Ranger was lying, but Zordon couldn't be seen as he gave instructions to Alpha and participated in the Ranger-creation process.
?   Watching through a ceiling grate of the hidden chamber, Billy remarked to himself fairly loudly about Zordon and Alpha creating a new Ranger; it seemed as though Zordon and Alpha should have been able to hear him.

-   In the Command Center after the completion of the White Ranger, Alpha brought the master control panel back online and restored full power; Zordon then reappeared in his tube from his side cylinders; Alpha, excited, told him everything was ready and that it was time to summon the Rangers.
-   As Zordon introduced the White Ranger to the teens, he spoke as though he knew the teens already knew of the new Ranger.
-   Zordon introduced White Ranger to the teens as the newest member of their team.
-   Zordon told the teens, "As you are aware, the Green Ranger's power was completely decimated by his last few battles. Alpha and I felt it was time to create an even more powerful Ranger to combat Lord Zedd and his diabolical evil. To that end, a candidate was selected, and a new Power Ranger was created."
-   Zordon chuckled to himself upon seeing the teens delighted to discover that Tommy was the White Ranger.
-   Zordon asked, "So, Power Rangers, may I assume that you are pleased with the new leader of the power team?" to which Jason replied while smiling cheerfully at Zordon, "This is great."
-   Zordon apologized for having been secretive, explaining that they'd had to guard against Zedd's interference.
-   Zordon said that although the Green Ranger's powers were gone for good, Tommy had proven himself to be worthy and true; his courage, strength, and honor allowed them to choose him to be the new White Ranger.
-   The Thunderzords had been damaged in the fight with giant Nimrod in 217-WhL1; Zordon had Billy and Trini teleport to the damaged Zords to begin repair on them, saying Alpha would provide them with all the information they needed; the Assault Team later appeared to be repaired by the end of White Ranger's fight with giant Nimrod.
-   Zordon sent three teens (Jason, Kim, and Zack) to secure Rita's space dumpster, saying Rita could not be allowed to escape; he then sent White Ranger alone to battle Nimrod, the monster which had overwhelmed the five Rangers in the Thunder Megazord.
-   After White Ranger had begun to have trouble against giant Nimrod and cohorts, Zordon said that he would reconfigure the other Zords to join with the Tigerzord to form the Megatigerzord.

-   When Kim and Billy went to the Command Center, worried because Tommy hadn't returned to the Youth Center when he was supposed to and also wasn't answering his communicator, Zordon told the two that their suspicions were correct, as Tommy was currently imprisoned in a haunted forest with Zedd's most vicious monsters.
?   Zordon told Alpha that Tommy, Kim, and Billy needed the others' help, yet the three Rangers had been effortlessly knocking down monster after monster in the haunted forest dimension.

-   After Tommy, Kim, and Billy had called the Command Center following the abduction of Rocky, Adam, Aisha, and Mr. Anderson, Zordon told Alpha to use his scanners to locate Trini, Zack, and Jason, then teleport them to the Command Center immediately; this would have given the three no time to move to a discreet location.
-   Zordon knew that Zedd planned to turn Rocky, Adam, and Aisha into his own evil warriors, that Bulk and Skull were babysitting Jacob, that Mr. Anderson was Jacob's father, and that Rocky, Adam, and Aisha were the champion ninjas; in 223-NjE2, he also knew that Mr. Anderson was the three teens' teacher.
-   When Zedd had jammed the Command Center's scanner frequency to prevent them from pinpointing the Terror Blossom's location, Zordon said that he'd anticipated and prepared for Zedd's interference and revealed the Rangers' new power of jetting.
-   Zordon had Tommy, Kim, and Billy go after the captured Stone Canyon teens and Mr. Anderson and sent Jason, Trini, and Zack to fight Terror Blossom.
-   Terror Blossom's threat to reproduce himself concerned Zordon.
-   Zordon had Tommy, Kim, and Billy join the others before the three had managed to enter the dimensional opening to the Cave of Despair.
?   Zordon told White Ranger to destroy Cardiatron before Hatchasaurus had been reassembled, and it seemed as though morphed Tommy soon returned to the Tigerzord before powering the Zord back up, as though he'd left to destroy Cardiatron as instructed; however, when Zedd used energy from his staff to help giant Hatchasaurus reassemble himself, Cardiatron could be seen hovering in the air as the Hatchasaurus was rebuilt around it.
-   Zordon again interrupted Tommy, Kim, and Billy before they'd had a chance to go inside the Cave of Despair; this time, he had them save Jason, Trini, and Zack, who had been frozen by Terror Blossom.

?   Zordon told Tommy to destroy Cardiatron, but Tommy hadn't been a Ranger when the others had first fought Cardiatron. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")

-   After the three frozen Rangers had been revived, the six Rangers left to fight giant Terror Blossom with the Zords; it wasn't until the Serpent of Darkness had completed its transformation and was approaching Rocky, Adam, and Aisha that Zordon had the Rangers rescue the three captives; he had Jason and Zack remain in the Thunder Megazord to fight while the others went to the Cave of Despair.
-   Saying Rocky, Adam, and Aisha were the only other people to know the identities of the Power Rangers, Zordon told the three that Alpha had conducted an analysis on their background and determined them to be model citizens: loyal, fair, and trustworthy; he then had them take the following vow: "I swear upon the forces of goodness to maintain the secret of the true identities of the Power Rangers."

?   Zordon told Rocky, Adam, and Aisha that he'd brought them to the Command Center for their own safety, but it was actually Alpha who'd done so.
?   Zordon told the three teens that the frequency reverser had to be aimed at the source of the frequency malfunction, or, in other words, the Rangers, but Beamcaster, not the Rangers, would have been the source.
-   When the frequency reverser wasn't powerful enough to remove the spell from the Rangers, Zordon announced that he would amplify the beam with his "brain power," and he then shot two brief bolts of white energy from both sides of his head, giving the device additional power.

-   After five of the World Teen Summit members had been kidnapped, Zordon knew that Zedd was planning to make his own evil Power teens from the teen ambassadors.
-   After receiving a note ransoming the World Teen Summit members for the Rangers' Power Coins, Tommy had himself, Kim, and Billy prepare to morph, but before they could do so, Zordon stopped him, saying that as new leader of the Power Rangers, he must above all protect the summit members; Tommy then hatched a plan which required all six Power Coins, and the six Rangers soon attempted to trick Goldar with foil-covered chocolate Power Coins.

-   An indeterminate time after Jason, Trini, and Zack had been chosen to attend the Peace Conference but still that same day, Zordon spoke with all six teens in the Command Center; he told the three chosen teens that he was pleased but that it was no surprise that they were among the people selected.
-   When sensors in outer space indicated that Zedd had begun energizing some sort of massive weapon, Zordon said, The day that I have feared has arrived. Zedd has completed Serpentera, a gigantic machine of destruction."
?   To aid them against Serpentera, Zordon introduced Tor to the teens even though they'd already been assisted by Tor in battle in 226-MOGP.
-   Knowing that Zedd planned to attack while three Rangers were at the Peace Conference, Zordon sent the Rangers to the Deserted Planet for the Sword of Light to allow them to transfer the departing teens' powers to three new teens.
-   When the sleep cloud from Zedd's sleep machine was creeping into Angel Grove High, Zordon had Alpha teleport Rocky, Adam, and Aisha to the Command Center.
-   When Kim asked whom Zordon would select to replace Jason, Zack, and Trini, he told the teens that they would learn soon enough, as the power transfer had to be carried out as soon as possible.

-   When Billy was reconfiguring the teleporter and amplifying wavelengths to try to bring back White Ranger, the only Ranger not yet materialized in the Command Center, Alpha warned him that he was overloading the system; Zordon told Alpha to give Billy more time, trusting that Billy knew what he was doing.
-   With Zedd planning to invade Earth with Serpentera, Trini said they couldn't leave for the Peace Conference at such a time, but Zordon continued with the power transfer.
-   Zordon told Jason, Trini, and Zack that although they would always carry in their hearts the spirit of the Power Rangers, their destinies lay elsewhere, as they had been chosen to help the world in a different way now.
-   Zordon had selected Rocky, Adam, and Aisha to replace Jason, Trini, and Zack; when they were teleported to the Command Center at the beginning of the power transfer, they already knew about being selected.
-   As White Ranger held up the Sword of Light, a white energy bolt from Zordon struck the sword, and white, then Ranger-colored, specks of light transformed the plain, metal sword into a long golden sword with six Ranger-colored gems in the blade.
-   White energy bolts from Zordon's side columns combined into a single bolt and flowed into the Sword of Light's white/clear gem, and three respectively Ranger-colored energy bolts came from three gems on the sword and flowed into Aisha, Adam, and Rocky, suiting them up as Rangers with respectively-colored sparkles of energy.
-   Zordon told the departing three teens that they had served with courage and that in their new lives, they would serve with dignity, humility, and strength; he told them to go and make the world a better place, telling them that the Power would always be with them and would protect them.
-   Once the three ex-Rangers had been teleported out of the Command Center after replying, "Power up!" to Tommy, Zordon briefly told the new team about teamwork, then assigned each new teen his or her Thunderzord, then finally told them the three rules they had to follow, saying, "Rangers, you possess powers so that you may protect the Earth. Use them to defend, never to attack. To ensure justice, never for vengeance. To preserve righteousness, never for selfish glory. Remember this, and they will protect you forever."
-   Before calling the Zords to fight giant Silverhorns, Tommy told Zordon they might need help, at which point Zordon reminded him of Tor.
-   After the new team's first battle, Zordon told the teens to remember that their strength lay in their ability to judge each situation and avoid the use of force whenever possible.

-   Adam, Aisha, and Rocky weren't familiar with Scorpina's name or appearance; if Zordon had given the new Rangers any lessons whatsoever about villains, Scorpina apparently hadn't come up.
-   After Goldar and Scorpina had grown, Zordon, fearing the Tigerzord and Thunder Megazord wouldn't be strong enough, had Alpha boost the power output of the Thunder Ultrazord and told the Rangers to call on it if necessary.

?   Zordon said that the Power Cannon would be a valuable addition to the Rangers' arsenal, but the Rangers already had the Power Blaster.
-   Zordon knew that Zedd was attempting to destroy Adam's confidence.
-   Zordon had Alpha send the Rangers the Power Cannon since they were about to fight Skelerena without Adam.

?   Zordon said that Scatterbrain's ray, like a kaleidoscope, broke its victims up into thousands of pieces, then reassembled them, but without their memories; just as in other kaleidoscope descriptions in this episode, Zordon seemed to confuse a kaleidoscope with a prism.
-   Once the three amnesic teens had been brought to the Command Center, Zordon told Tommy he was a trusted friend to Tommy.
-   Zordon said the three amnesic teens had to stay in the Command Center, since their minds were too vulnerable to Zedd's evil.
-   When Adam asked whether Zordon could just give the three amnesic teens their powers again, Zordon said that without their memories, they didn't have the experience, skills, or character to be Rangers.

-   After the five Rangers were turned into oversized pachinko balls by Pachinko Head, Zordon apparently had Alpha restore Rocky first so that he could take Tommy's place in battle, as the Tigerzord was damaged.

-   The Flame Head monster told the Rangers that they should've told Zordon to give them fireproof boots, indicating that even monsters knew of Zordon.
-   After she, Kim, and Billy were shown Flame Head in the Command Center, Aisha stopped Kim and Billy from morphing as the two were reaching for their Morphers following Kim's call for the three of them; she said she would go to the park to fight the monster, which she said was hers, and she told Kim and Billy to stay in the Command Center to find some way to defeat it; Kim and Billy protested, but Zordon had them let her go alone.
?   After morphed Aisha had endangered morphed Tommy, Rocky, and Adam during the Putty fight in the park, Zordon had Alpha teleport them all back to the Command Center; he told Aisha that he'd let her go to the park to learn an important lesson about teamwork, but she hadn't learned a thing from the experience.

-   Zordon said that Zedd's schemes had grown steadily more dangerous since the three new Rangers were in power.
-   After telling Alpha to activate the Viewing Globe once the alarm had gone off, Zordon asked Alpha what he saw.
-   Once Alpha had said there was a new monster, Zordon knew its name and object it was created from, as well as the fact that it was powerful enough to blast the Rangers into the Lost Dimension.
-   When Alpha exclaimed "Ai yi yi" while watching the Megatigerzord battle giant Cannontop, Zordon gave him a brief speech about having faith in Tommy's ability to lead the Power Rangers to victory.

-   When Billy called Zordon to tell him a small spacecraft had crashed in the park, Zordon's reply was, "This would explain why Serpentera is approaching the city."; why he had not contacted the teens about the approaching Serpentera remains a mystery.
-   Zordon knew the Bookala's species and home planet; he also knew how Billy could use the Lightning Diamond to enlarge and awaken the tiny Bookala.
-   When the teens were startled by the Bookala, Zordon told them that the alien was merely a traveler, returning to his home planet many light-years away.

-   After Goldar had kidnapped Kim and Shawna from right next to Aisha, Aisha felt she'd failed as a Power Ranger, but Zordon reassured her that no one was blaming her.
-   Zordon said the Jaws of Destruction was one of Zedd's most dangerous monsters, sent to finish off the Rangers once and for all.

?   Zordon said that altering the Earth's rotation would undoubtedly cause a catastrophic break in the space-time continuum with unpredictable results; this concept is, putting it mildly, ludicrous.
-   Zordon wouldn't teleport the six kids to the Command Center because they were merely children and would be much too frightened.
-   When Alpha remarked that the six kids had been lucky against the Putties, Zordon reminded him they they had chosen the teens because of their intelligence and resourcefulness.
-   After the six kids had destroyed a fleet of Putties, Zordon accurately predicted that Zedd would send down a monster out of rage.

-   When Zordon spoke to Alpha remotely, the six kids, near Alpha, could hear the transmission.
-   Adam knew the name of Oysterizer, a monster which had not faced the Rangers since 160-OySt, before the power transfer; this could suggest that Rocky, Adam, and Aisha had been given lessons on past foes.

-   When Alpha missed the vacationing teens, Zordon asked the robot if he detected a deviation in his behavior pattern.
-   Alpha went for a little walk outside when Zordon told him they shouldn't have to worry about any emergencies while the teens were gone.
-   Zordon and Alpha both knew that the abandoned Spectre Theater in downtown Angel Grove was a power vortex, which prevented the Rangers from summoning their weapons or teleporting out, but the teens had never been informed of this danger.
-   Evil Alpha shut down Zordon's communicator so he couldn't warn the teens, then soon muted Zordon so he didn't have to listen to him.
?   Zordon soon had his voice back.
-   Evil Alpha made a blue moustache, a headband of flowers, blue hair, and old-fashioned glasses appear on Zordon's image.
-   As the headband appeared around his head, Zordon told Alpha this was no time for fun and games.

-   Evil Alpha made Zordon dissolve with white energy into his side columns.

-   Billy was able to bring Zordon back easily.

-   Upon materializing in a park in Angel Grove, the Wizard of Deception said, "Surprise, Zordon! I'm back!"
-   When Zordon described the wizard as his old rival, the Wizard of Deception, Alpha exclaimed that there was no telling what he'd do.

-   When Tommy was being confronted by his clone and the other five teens were stranded in 1790's Angel Grove, Zordon had Alpha activate the Viewing Globe because he detected a disturbance in the Morphing Grid.
-   The Wizard of Deception handed Green Ranger his Power Coin and told him to pay Zordon a visit to ensure that Zordon knew it was him, the Wizard of Deception, behind the destruction of his precious Rangers.
-   When the evil Green Ranger told Zordon of the teens being in a place where history was repeating itself, Zordon began an unfinished threat to the Green Ranger if any harm had come to the teens.

-   Green Ranger's calling the sleeping Dragonzord was supposedly what Zordon feared most.
-   Zordon said he was very concerned about the weakened Tommy.
-   When White Ranger grew weak again after morphing, Zordon was sure that without the other Rangers, White Ranger would be defeated.
-   After White Ranger had returned to 1790's Angel Grove to fight the rat monsters and then left his clone in the past (as per his clone's requests), Zordon destroyed the wizard's wand.

-   Zordon noted that Zedd and Rita had become a formidable team.

-   The alarm in the Command Center in the year 1880 was going off before Kim had teleported in; presumably it had been tripped by the Putties, Goldar, and Needlenose, but Zordon and Alpha (probably Alpha Four), both active at the time, were unaware of the creatures in Angel Grove until Kim spoke of them.
-   When the Pink Ranger first teleported into the Command Center in 1880, Kim and Alpha had the following dialogue:

Alpha: "Zordon, intruder alert!"
Kim: "Zordon, it's me, Kimberly!"
Alpha: "Ai yi yi! A Power Ranger!"

-   In the present, Zordon told the teens that the wild west teens were the first Earthlings to use the Power Coins; either Kim's presence in the past actually altered the timestream (rather than merely creating a new, alternate present) or the wild west teens would have become Rangers without Kim's interaction with the past.
-   Tommy had himself and Rocky fight giant Needlenose alone when the others' communicators were in use by Billy's time device, but after a single failed attack (the Red Dragon Warrior Mode bouncing off giant Needlenose following a jump kick), Zordon sent the other three into battle as well.

-   After Tommy had asked Zordon whether he'd asked Billy to fix the communicators, Zordon had Alpha begin a scan of Billy's (actually evil Billy's) life readings to confirm his identity.

-   Concerned about what was bothering Alpha, Zordon learned from the robot that Edenoi (Alpha's home planet) appeared to be under heavy attack, and King Lexian (Alpha's creator) was not detected; he then told Alpha that Edenoi was very far away and that all they could do for now was to continue monitoring for more information.
-   When the teens inquired, Zordon told them that Edenoi was in the northernmost corner of the galaxy, in the constellation Andromeda; he said it was far beyond their reach.
-   Zordon told the teens he was afraid there was very little they could do to help, since, because of the great distance, they would most likely not have all of their powers, and that the risks of such a journey were too great, but when the five teens all decided to go, Zordon had reservations, but he admitted it appeared to be the only way to learn more about the situation on Edenoi.
-   Zordon reminded the teens they were only going to investigate and were not to become involved in Edenoi's conflict.
-   Zordon said friendship was a powerful gift, and he commended the teens on their courage.

-   While Alpha was worried by being out of contact with the Rangers for some time, Zordon knew the Rangers would be fine, and he told Alpha to have faith in their abilities.

-   Zordon told the five teens upon their return and defeat of Repellator that he was pleased they had been able to help the Edenoites and still save Angel Grove from destruction.
-   After Tommy had mentioned being impressed with Dex and the Masked Rider, Zordon told the teens that from what they said, it was evident that King Lexian had chosen well in bestowing the Masked Rider powers on Dex.
-   When Adam asked Zordon what he thought would happen to the Edenoites, whether he thought Lexian and Dex would get them away from the planet in time, Zordon replied that they were a strong-willed people and that he believed they would succeed.
-   Billy was sorry they hadn't had more time to get to know the Edenoites, Dex especially; Zordon said there was much they could learn from the Edenoites, and that perhaps there would be another chance.

-   Zordon didn't know whether Ninjor and his hidden temple beneath the Desert of Despair were a myth.
-   Alpha and Zordon had found a map to Ninjor's temple when they'd originally found the Power Coins.
-   Although an Alpha had accompanied Zordon that far in the past, it must have been a previous version of Alpha, based on Alpha Five's calculated age of no more than a century.
-   Zordon said the Desert of Despair was much too dangerous, but the teens convinced him to let Alpha give them the map to the temple, against Zordon's better judgment.

-   Zordon had known it was only a matter of time before Rito would join forces with Rita.

?   Zordon told the teens that both Ninjor and the Temple of Power were key elements to maintaining their powers and that if either one fell into Zedd's hands all would be lost, yet this would later be disproved during Ninjor's captivity from 318-ChZ1 through 329-MVA1 and again from 329-MVA1 through 331-MVA3.
-   After they'd defeated Rito and destroyed Vampirus with Ninjor, Zordon told the teens he couldn't be more proud of them.

-   When Adam suggested telling Zordon about Kim's impending move to Paris, Billy said he was sure Zordon probably already knew; Zordon did, in fact, know of Kim's anxieties about moving.
-   Zordon told Kim that "we all" tended to fear the unknown, and that she had to trust that her mother had only Kim's best interests at heart.
?   Although Zordon had told Kim that destroying Artistmole's palette would return the Rangers' and Ninjor's colors and powers, it was a Blade Blaster shot to the stomach which caused Artistmole to retreat and the colors and powers to return to the Rangers and Ninjor.

-   Rocky recognized Zedd's staff when Rito was holding it in the park; since he had never been shown encountering Zedd in person, this may indicate that Zordon had shown the teens images of Zedd.

-   Upon hearing the name "Zordon," Centiback called him the worst coach in the universe.
-   Since he said Rocky's plan to invert Centiback's energy wave to free the others wouldn't work with interference, Zordon told Rocky it was imperative for the mission that Rocky summon Ninjor, and immediately after Zordon had mentioned his name, Ninjor appeared in the Command Center beside Rocky.

-   Prior to the unleashing of the Face Stealer Zordon was uncertain of the validity its legend, in which brave warriors had trapped it in an urn 5,000 years ago.
-   Since the Face Stealer was clearly a dangerous monster, Zordon said the Rangers would need the added power of Titanus to defeat him, then asked Alpha if he had made all the necessary modifications to accommodate the Ninja Ultrazord; Alpha was still completing them; this would be Titanus's first reappearance since 159-MMMu.

-   When asked by Aisha what would happen if they couldn't remove the hate spell from the others, Zordon replied that eventually, the Power Rangers would turn their power on each other and destroy themselves, then everyone on Earth would be at the mercy of Zedd and Rita.

?   When Alpha found that Aisha's family necklace was emitting a strong energy wave, Zordon said the energies of love, generosity, and caring, had been absorbed by the necklace and must have acted as a shield against Hate Master's dust; more importantly, however, Hate Master hadn't collected anything Aisha had touched, a prerequisite for his spell to work.
-   From the Juice Bar, Billy, under a hate spell, crafted a palm-sized device which completely shut down the Command Center, Zordon, the teleportation system, and the backup generators.

-   When Tommy asked Zordon if he could help Kim, who was under the effects of a love potion, Zordon said he was hesitant to tamper with the delicate balance of human emotions.

-   When the captured Tommy told the pessimistic Saba not to lose his faith yet, Goldar quipped, "Not even Zordon himself could save you now."

-   After Zedd had stolen the pink Power Coin, the Falconzord, and Ninjor, Zordon feared that Zedd had discovered the lost Shogunzords and intended to use them.

-   Zordon wouldn't let the weakened Kim go to help Kat, saying that until they found an alternative energy source to replace her stolen Power Coin, any exertion could destroy her; Kim insisted that Kat was her friend and she had to help her, and Zordon eventually gave in, making sure she understood the risk, and then telling her she was a true Power Ranger.
-   When Zedd later told the teens to teleport him into the Command Center so he could issue his demands in person, Tommy told Zordon they had to, for Kim (who'd been kidnapped), and Zordon agreed with his decision.

-   After seeing the Crabby Cabbie monster, Zordon had Alpha activate the X-ray scanner, fearing there were people inside.
-   Alpha said Zordon was never wrong.
-   Zordon told the Rangers that to stop the Crabby Cabbie, they would have to surround him from all sides, and to do that, they would need faster, new vehicles; Alpha knew that Zordon was referring to the new Shark Cycles without his even mentioning the vehicles' names.

-   When Kim had the other teens meet her in the Command Center to discuss her concerns of her offer to train with Gunthar Schmidt for the Pan Global Games interfering with her Ranger duties, Zordon told her that although becoming a Power Ranger sometimes required sacrifices to be made, it had never been his intention to deprive any of them a life experience such as the offer she was considering.
-   Zordon told Kim that he was certain she would keep everything in proper perspective, and that she had his complete support.
-   When Rita and Zedd launched monster attacks in multiple locations at once, Zordon told the teens before they split up that he would wait until the last possible moment to call Kim, who was busy practicing.

-   Calling Tommy and Billy at the hospital to tell them about ninjas Rocky, Adam, and Aisha's needing help against Rito and the Tengas, Zordon first told Kim that he was nice to see that she was feeling better; he then apologized for interrupting Tommy's visit with Kim before telling them of the others' needing help.

-   When told of Rita's ultimatum for the teens to turn Kat over or Ninjor would be thrown into the Sea of Sorrow and lost forever, Zordon refused to give the teens advice, saying it was up to the wisdom inside them to devise a solution.
-   Several days later when Gunthar Schmidt had invited Kim to train in Florida for the Pan Global Games, Zordon said his thoughts and feelings were divided, since Kim had been a proud warrior and had defended the planet valiantly, yet her opportunity was much too difficult for her to ignore.
-   When Kim said she'd already decided to turn down the invitation, Zordon, trying to convince her to go, told her that the experience would prove invaluable to both her and the Rangers, since when she returned someday, she would be an even more effective Power Ranger.
-   Zordon told Kim that even though she wouldn't be with them, she would always be a Power Ranger in their eyes.
-   Kim had Alpha teleport Kat to the Command Center to be the new Pink Ranger, having asked Alpha and Kat to be ready in case the teens and Zordon had convinced her to go to Florida to train for the Pan Global Games.
-   Zordon told Kim that once again she had demonstrated wisdom beyond her years.
-   Zordon told Kat that her selfless bravery under extraordinary circumstances assured him that she would be a fine addition to their team.
-   Zordon told Kat to listen to her fellow Rangers as they guided her in the use of her new powers; he said they would teach her well.

-   When confronted by Tengas, Kat told herself to stay calm and remember what Zordon had told her, then she ninja-morphed.
-   Upon discovering that the shrunken Ravenator was inside Tommy's stomach, Zordon wouldn't allow Tommy inside the Command Center because the monster would be smuggled in as well.

-   Zordon knew that the Sinister Simian had been created from Kat's aunt's chimp Kelly.
-   Zordon told the teens merely to keep Sinister Simian busy for the time being but not to forget that she was one of Rita and Zedd's monsters, and that they had to be careful.

-   After the Command Center's power was interrupted briefly, Zordon suspected that the evil presence that had crossed the Earth's orbit was Master Vile.
-   Zordon knew that Master Vile had conquered the M51 galaxy.
-   Perhaps having anticipated Master Vile's arrival, Zordon and Alpha had been working on the Metallic Armor to protect the Rangers in battle.
-   As Ninjor and Zordon recounted the hiding of the Zeo Crystal in the Caves of Deception on the moon by the people of the M51 galaxy and Zedd's corruption of the moon palace, Zordon told the teens, "We thought the crystal would be safe from Zedd, but Master Vile is much older and infintely wiser in the ways of evil."
-   Rather than referring to any Power Rangers upon first arriving on the moon, Master Vile merely mentioned "Zordon's teenagers."
-   When Tengas, having eaten special snakes which made them stronger, attacked Bulk and Skull, Tommy had the teens morph into Power Rangers rather than Ninja Rangers, saying they shouldn't take any chances; he may have been told of the Tengas' super-strength, or perhaps he merely suspected that Master Vile's arrival could have meant extra danger for the Rangers.
-   After the Rangers had been forced to use the Metallic Armor to fight the super-strong Tengas, Zordon said the situation was deteriorating sooner than he'd thought it would and that, as he'd feared, one of the Rangers would have to capture and destroy the Zeo Crystal to prevent Master Vile from obtaining it.

-   When Tommy reported to Zordon that Rita and Zedd had put Kat in an apparatus which was turning her evil again, Zordon had Tommy hurry to the Zeo Crystal, as it would absorb any evil that might be placed in Kat.
-   When Tommy told Zordon through his communicator that he was at the entrance to the Caves of Deception but didn't see anything, a hidden doorway in the rock wall slid open in front of him, revealing golden light within; Zordon then told Tommy to be extremely careful, as nothing in the cave was what it appeared to be.

-   Zordon used a high-energy surge from the Morphing Grid to attempt to recharge the Rangers; Tommy gave the okay before Zordon had been able to answer Kat's question of whether the process was safe.
-   Streaks of Ranger-colored energy shot into the Rangers from Zordon's direction and recharged the Rangers; Aisha still felt dizzy, and Billy said they were still recovering from the energy drain and that it would take some time for their powers to be fully restored.
?   In the desert, it seemed that Billy thought for them to break the crystal into pieces and scatter them, but after morphed Tommy had split the crystal apart, the teens already knew that Zordon was creating a temporary hole in time and space and that they would have only ten seconds to throw the subcrystals through the time hole.
-   Tommy said that nobody, not even they, the teens, would know where the subcrystals were.

-   During the Rangers' fight with Dischordia, Zordon had the Rangers use the Metallic Armor.

-   As Master Vile worked to summon the Orb of Doom on the moon, a gravitational disturbance from the moon decalibrated the Command Center's instruments, and, at the time, Zordon was absent from his tube; his head soon rose up through the tube from a lower level (rather than materializing from his side columns), and he explained he had been monitoring the situation from his "private chamber," perhaps referring to the future Power Chamber or the hidden chamber used to create the White Ranger; Zordon and Alpha were both concerned by Vile's activity.
-   Zordon later told the teens that Master Vile had summoned the darkest force in the universe, the Orb of Doom; he said it was a treacherous crystal and described its ability to reverse time.

-   Master Vile addressed his monster conference by declaring, "Monsters of the universe, you have been gathered here to seek revenge upon Zordon and the world he protects!"
-   The Orb of Doom had reverted the Command Center to its past form, but Alpha and Zordon retained their memories of the present.
-   At this point in the past, Alpha and Zordon had been spring cleaning, and Alpha had unplugged the control panel (thus deactivating the Command Center) to plug in the vacuum cleaner.
-   Discovering that the six kids were caught in a duststorm in the desert, Zordon had Alpha teleport them into the Command Center; the difference between this instance and the one in 239-RBT1 when Zordon wouldn't teleport the kids is that this time, the kids had retained their memories from the present.
-   Zordon wouldn't give the six kids powers since, if something were to happen to them, the future would be altered.
-   Young Billy mentioned that they needed more Rangers, prompting Alpha to think to call the Aquitian Rangers; Zordon had thought of this, but he knew Earth's atmosphere would be inhospitable to them and that they would be putting their lives at great risk; the six kids convinced him to call the Aquitians anyway.
?   Zordon said that Aquitar was a planet that consisted entirely of water, but this had to be hyperbole.
-   Alpha told Zordon that the Aquitian Rangers would want them to call them for help.

-   After the Aquitian Rangers had agreed to come to Earth, Delphine assured Zordon that he had done the right thing to call them.
-   Master Vile declared that, just as he'd planned, they would soon rid the galaxy of "Zordon the good deed-doer" and he, Master Vile, would reign supreme over the universe.
-   Zordon wouldn't allow the six kids to go outside the Command Center to disarm the implosion device that had been planted there; Alpha went instead.
-   Young Tommy refused to leave Zordon and Alpha, but Zordon ordered the kids to wait for the Aquitian Rangers at Angel Grove Beach, telling them that they were to guide the Aquitians if something were to happen to him and Alpha.
-   To prepare for the five Aquitians to morph, Delphine used the same morphing call of "It's morphin' time!" that the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and Zeo Rangers used; back in 102-HiFv, Zordon had coined this phrase for the five original teens.
-   Zordon said he didn't know how long it would be until he and Alpha could turn the world back to its correct time.

?   Once Billy and the kids had been teleported to the Command Center, Zordon didn't bring up the recent destruction of the Power Coins which the kids and Billy had been unable to prevent.
?   Zordon and Alpha expressed no surprise that Billy's age had been restored. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")

-   When Zordon contacted the Aquitian Rangers telepathically, a purple sphere came from the tiny white circle on Cestro's forehead (just like all the others possessed), with Zordon's image on the sphere.
-   Zordon and Billy had the Aquitians return home, as they had no way to rehydrate.

-   When Billy called the Command Center asking about the Aquitian Rangers' well-being, Zordon had not heard from the Aquitians but then sent a transmission to Aquitar.
-   Zordon referred to himself as "Zordon of Earth" when calling the Aquitian Rangers.
-   After passing on the Aquitians' regards and thanks to Billy, Zordon told him to remind the kids to have fun, since their younger minds and bodies needed physical release.
-   Zedd told Rito and Goldar that in his search for a weakness in the Command Center, he'd located an ancient scroll map in the long-forgotten tunnels beneath the Command Center; Rita told them to follow the map to the Command Center's most vulnerable spot, where they were to plant an implosion device that would supposedly blow Zordon into antimatter.
-   After young Bulk had awakened with no ill effects from his experience as Bratboy and the Aquitian Rangers had teleported back to Aquitar to rehydrate, Zordon had Billy and the kids teleported to the Command Center, having news involving his and their search to replace their powers.
-   Young Tommy said that the Zeo Crystal's pieces were scattered all over the Earth, and Billy noted that Zordon had sent them through a time hole vortex to make them very difficult to find, but though the powers they emanated, Zordon had been able to pinpoint the country and time period in which each subcrystal was located; this seems to indicate that Zordon hadn't originally chosen their destination time periods and countries.
-   Zordon told the kids that they must seek out the subcrystals separately, as each one restored a particular Ranger; he said it would be a quest for their roots, and if they succeeded, each subcrystal would restore each kid's true age and powers greater than they had ever imagined.
?   It's unknown how the five Zeo Subcrystals had come to be located in countries and time periods appropriate to five of the teens' heritages, or why the five subcrystals' locations excluded Billy, who was now unable to activate a subcrystal anyway since he was no longer affected by the Orb of Doom's time regression.

-   Zordon spoke to Cestro and Tideus telepathically, calling them to the Command Center, where the other three Aquitians had already arrived after Zordon had summoned them from Aquitar.

?   Zordon referred to Hydro Hog, whom the Aquitians had mentioned in Zordon's company as being their worst villain on Aquitar, as Zedd's "latest monster."

-   To contact young Aisha on her Zeo quest, Zordon had Alpha scan all temporal dimensions for Aisha's biorhythms; Alpha soon said he was getting a signal through the time hole, and after young Aisha and young Tanya had appeared on the Viewing Globe, Zordon's image appeared in the sky in the African savannah above the two girls.
-   When young Aisha told Zordon she was staying to help find a cure for an animal plague and that she was sending young Tanya with the yellow subcrystal to take her place, Zordon told her that his instincts had told her this would happen with one of the kids; just moments earlier, however, he had been prepared to contact young Aisha, the last of the kids, to have her come home.
-   Zordon told young Aisha that her decision to stay in Africa had altered the course of her family's history, and she would find that they had joined her when time was corrected (see "Orb of Doom").
-   Zordon told the four kids and Billy that all of them, himself included, must all be strong and welcome Tanya with open arms, as it was a very brave thing she had done.
-   When explosions began rocking the Command Center soon after time had been restored, Zordon and Alpha ordered them to evacuate, but they wouldn't leave, not wanting to leave Alpha behind; Alpha used the controls to teleport the six teens to an area within view of the Command Center's mountain.
-   As the Command Center continued to explode, Alpha looked up at Zordon's tube, in which Zordon may or may not have been at the time, and screamed, "Ai yi yi yi yi! Zordon, I don't know what to do! Ai yi yi yi yi!!"

-   After verbally guiding the six teens into the Power Chamber, Alpha explained, "The Power Chamber has always been here. We knew there could be a time when the Command Center would become vulnerable to an attack."

-   Zordon, now a clearer image and with a bit of purple tint, descended into his new tube in the Power Chamber with white streaks; after he'd settled in, his tube would continued to have subtle vertical streaks of light wavering in it.
-   Zordon asked the six teens how they liked his and Alpha's surprise, the Power Chamber; he told them that Alpha had been working on it for months.
-   Zordon apologized for keeping the Power Chamber a secret, but he and Alpha hadn't wanted to worry the teens unnecessarily.
-   Zordon realized that this must be quite a shock to Tanya, and he regretted she hadn't had an easier time adjusting to her new surroundings.
-   Zordon knew that the Machine Empire was invading.
-   Zordon told the six teens that a dark and evil force had descended upon "our galaxy"; he said the Machine Empire was more treacherous than Rita and Lord Zedd could ever have hoped to be, and that it was the one force that could prove to be unstoppable.
-   When the teens and Billy asked a great deal of questions about the Machine Empire, Zordon told Billy (and specifically Billy) that he would in time attempt to provide him with the answers to all of the questions; the teens' questions asked who the Machine Empire were, where they'd come from, why they hadn't heard of them before, how they could fight Mondo without their powers, what had become of Rita and Zedd, why the Machine Empire was coming here, what they wanted, and whether they (the teens) could somehow stop them.
-   Zordon told the teens that the next few days might be the most perilous they had faced since becoming Power Rangers.
-   Zordon referred to the Machine Empire as the latest threat to "our galaxy."
?   Zordon said that the Cogs had no fear and had to be completely dismantled to be defeated, but both statements would eventually be disproven.
-   Zordon told the teens to behold the fully-energized Zeo Crystal, then white energy bolts shot out from his eyes and created a translucent image of the Zeo Crystal floating near him for a moment, until his energy bolts made it vanish.
-   When Billy prepared to step down from being a Ranger, Zordon believed he knew what Billy was going to say.
-   After giving "his" crystal to Tanya, Billy said that if there was ever an emergency, he could still assume the Zeo power; Zordon agreed, apparently unaware of the negative proton molecules which would prevent Billy from becoming the Gold Ranger in 433-RvOG.
-   Zordon told the Rangers that they would have many new tools at their disposal and that he was very proud of them.
-   When, perhaps another day, at the outdoor cafe, Tommy asked what they would do if the Machine Empire launched a full assault since the old Zords were gone, Billy replied, "We're working on that. You won't believe what we came up with."; apparently, he had been collaborating with Zordon and/or Alpha in working on the Zeozords.

-   Billy was working on the wiring beneath a control panel in the Power Chamber when Zordon thanked him for his technical help on the Zeozords; Billy replied that he was honored.
-   Billy wondered why the Zeozords were being hidden in the mountains outside of Angel Grove, and Zordon explained that the mountains might prevent the Zords from being picked up by the Machine Empire's scanning systems; Quadrafighters, however, quickly discovered the secret location (see "Zord Holding Bay"), and Mondo remarked that Zordon insulted him by thinking he could hide the Zords from him.
-   Zordon told Kat and Tanya that he had placed the responsibility of the Zeozords' arsenal in their hands; he told them to use Zeozord One's and Zeozord Two's tremendous firepower with temperance and good judgment.
-   After describing to the Rangers their Zeozords, Zordon reminded them that the new Zords were only machines; he said that the most important resources the Rangers had to fight the Machine Empire were their hearts and minds, which were greater tools than anything that could be manufactured; he added that the Machine Empire could never build anything that could compare to them.

-   Billy answered in the Power Chamber when Adam called Zordon on the communicator.

?   Zordon agreed with Billy that by significantly altering the course of Sprocket's movie, the Rangers might recover their powers, but there was no evidence of any loss of powers in the movie dimension.

-   For a moment after the Machine Skybase's photon blast had shorted out the Power Chamber's tractor beam and sent Billy's ship hurtling toward the sun, Zordon was silent, reluctant to tell the teens what had happened.

?   When Zordon beeped Billy and/or Kat (who were together in the lodge), Tommy's communicator apparently didn't go off while he was with Heather, planning to go to dinner and a movie with her.

?   Zordon called Tommy, Kat, and Billy away from their vacation simply to tell them he suspected that Mondo was responsible for the warming trend in Angel Grove and that they should be aware of the possibility of a serious battle in the near future.
?   Tommy's communicator didn't go off during his dinner with Heather when Rocky and Adam were called to help Kat and Tanya; Rocky and Adam got Tommy's attention in person.

-   After Main Drain had crippled the Zeo Megazord, Zordon said he had feared something like this would happen, so he and Billy had been preparing a new Zord, the Red Battlezord, for Tommy to pilot.
-   After Main Drain was destroyed, Zordon told Tommy that since the Earth's only defense was now the Red Battlezord, the Earth would be in great danger until Tommy resolved his inner conflicts; Tommy replied that he knew what he had to do, and presumably the next day, he drove back out to the desert, where he would first encounter his brother David.

-   With David trapped in an underground cave and being threatened by the Autochthon monster which was forming in the cave, Zordon told the Rangers to fight Mace Face, as David was beyond their help until they could penetrate Mondo's forcefield.

-   Around Christmastime, the Power Chamber's exterior had Christmas lights all over it; inside was a Christmas tree, holly leaves, and Christmas lights, and on the Pink Ranger's head in the gallery was a Santa hat; there was a large red bow on the base of Zordon's tube.
-   Alpha opened a large gold box from Zordon (who was smiling), and it was a pair of bunny slippers which he loved.
-   Alpha's present to Zordon, something he'd programmed himself, was the image of a Santa hat and red scarf on Zordon's image; Zordon chuckled and thanked Alpha, saying it was very thoughtful.

-   Zordon didn't know who the Gold Ranger was or even whether he was certainly an ally, and he said it was imperative that they find him before Mondo did.

?   Tanya knew the name of Leaky Faucet, whom the Rangers had defeated once before in 409-IORS, but back then, the monster's name hadn't been mentioned.

-   When Billy was late coming into the Power Chamber to help the Rangers, Tommy wanted to know what had happened to Billy, but Zordon told the teens there was no time, interrupting Tommy's questioning.

-   When Gold Ranger awoke in the medical table in the Power Chamber, Zordon welcomed him and told him not to be alarmed; Gold Ranger looked around and remarked that the place was incredible.
-   Gold Ranger knew Zordon and Alpha's names, leaving them to wonder how he knew them; he told them they would understand in time, then he thanked them again and left after explaining that he had to leave or they would all be in danger.
-   When Zordon told the teens that the only way Gold Ranger could know them was if they also knew him, the teens suspiciously eyed Billy; he looked around as if to reply innocently, "Well, don't look at me!"
?   Zordon's theory that they would know the Gold Ranger turned out to be wrong once Gold Ranger's identity as Trey of Triforia was revealed in 433-RvOG.

-   When she learned that the Varox warships were retreating, Tanya said she'd thought they'd taken care of the Varox bounty hunters a long time ago; Zordon explained that the Varox were a race of bounty hunters programmed to destroy a single target; they ceased only when they'd reached their goal.
-   After the teens had discovered that Billy was unable to become the Gold Ranger and that time was running out for the power transfer, Tommy thought of someone (but didn't mention a name), and Zordon told him to bring the person to the Power Chamber immediately.

-   The Treys said that the Super Zeo Gems, which they called the remaining key to the Zeo power, had been in their care for over a millennium, waiting to be returned to their rightful owners; Zordon had thought that the Super Zeo Gems had been lost forever.

-   Zordon knew of the powers and dangers of the Damocles Sword.

-   When Tanya wanted to teleport to Mysterio Island, thinking her parents might still be alive, Zordon reminded her that the teleportation system was to be used strictly for Power Ranger emergencies only, but he then said that these were special circumstances which called for the bending of their rules.
-   Zordon knew that Auric the Conqueror was very powerful.
-   When Zordon told the Rangers to take the Super Zeo Megazord to meet giant Auric's challenge, Jason instead took Pyramidas to talk to Auric, since he blamed himself for Louie's having gotten the key; Zordon simply told him to be careful, as they didn't know the nature of Auric's challenge.
-   After wandering into the cave in which her parents happened to have gone, Tanya began to follow her parents' footprints until Zordon teleported her back, without warning, to help confront giant Auric.
-   When the Rangers told Auric that Zordon had picked them to defend the Earth, he realized he had made a mistake, saying that all who fought for good knew the name of Zordon.

-   When Jason was turned into gold by the giant Midas Hound, shorthanding the team, Zordon had Adam remain behind to ready the Zeozords, while the other Rangers used the Super Zeozords.

-   Zordon identified Gasket and Archerina, and he told the teens the story of their eloping centuries ago.

-   Alpha lamented that the Power Chamber felt so empty without Billy there; Zordon, after agreeing, explained that it had been important for Billy to go to Triforia and help the Trey with their unification process.
-   Zordon told the teens that wherever Tommy was being held, his brainwaves were changing, and that Tommy might be being changed into someone they didn't know.

?   A different day, Zordon again told the teens that Tommy's brainwaves were being changed and that Tommy was being changed.
-   After sending Jason and Kat back to the lake to investigate the supposed Zeo Ranger Five sighting there and telling the others to stay to help Alpha track brainwaves, Zordon said he would contact Billy on Triforia and have him return to help.

-   To prove whose power was greater, Archerina challenged Kat to a battle in the Forest of Eternal Light; if Kat agreed to fight, Archerina said her captured friends would be her reward; Kat agreed, and then Zordon told her on the communicator that she had to fight Archerina while they tried to locate the other teens.
-   When Kat was being beaten by Archerina and Nuklifier, Zordon thought to send Auric to help.

-   As Zordon and the teens had feared, Gasket unleashed a full-scale assault on Angel Grove.

-   When the Zeozords and Super Zeozords were taken over by monsters, Zordon thought to send Auric into action.

-   After Jason had suffered weakness and an apparently involuntary demorphing, he tried to pass it off as mere exhaustion from his recent intense workouts; Zordon said it was entirely possible that Jason's physical exhaustion had caused his powers to become temporarily intermittent, and he had Alpha run a complete battery of tests on Jason.
-   The tests were negative (a good result), presumably indicating that Jason wasn't losing his powers, but Zordon told Jason not to exert himself, just in case.
-   Zordon told Alpha that he'd had grave concerns all along that Jason's physiological makeup would be unable to sustain the Gold Ranger powers.

-   As Jason lay in the medical table, Alpha transmitted the raw data from the energy analysis to Zordon, and Zordon concluded that the situation did not look good: as they suspected, the Gold Ranger powers, and Jason's vital life force along with them, were leaving Jason.
-   Once Jason and the Treys were in position and the three planets were in alignment, Zordon had Alpha fire the beam, even though Cogs were in the area and could have interfered.

-   After Lerigot had landed on Earth one evening, Alpha walked in from the northwestern entrance to tell Zordon of Lerigot's arrival.
-   Alpha looked around for Zordon, who wasn't in his tube; Zordon then shimmered into existence in his tube, and Alpha said Zordon had startled him.
-   Zordon was now green and purple, and there were even more prominent vertical streaks in his tube.
-   Zordon explained that he'd also sensed Lerigot's arrival and had been tracking his whereabouts.
-   Zordon, suspecting something was terribly wrong since Lerigot knew he wouldn't survive long on Earth, had Alpha pinpoint his location and contact the teens; Zordon said that if Lerigot was in trouble, they had to help him.
-   Only four of the teens came to the Power Chamber, since Rocky was in the hospital with an injured back; when Zordon learned of Rocky's injury is unknown.
-   Hearing that Lerigot had gone to Earth, Divatox figured Lerigot was looking for Zordon.
-   Divatox's sensors told her that Jason and Kimberly were once one of Zordon's "Power Rangers," a title which she said mockingly after struggling to remember it.
-   After receiving Divatox's ultimatum that they surrender Lerigot, Zordon believed that Divatox planned "to use Lerigot and his Golden Key to pass through the treacherous Nemesis Triangle into another dimension," and that once there she would "likely travel to the lost island of Muiranthias and attempt to join forces with an evil creature named Maligore, at which point not even the Zords (presumably the Zeozords, Super Zeozords, etc.) would be able to stop them.
-   Once the four teens and Alpha had created the Turbozords, Zordon said that the Blue Ranger's Zord, Mountain Blaster, would stay behind for now, yet he knew that only the combined power of the five Turbo Morpher keys could allow the teens to pass through the Nemesis Triangle.
-   In the Power Chamber, Zordon told the Rangers to take their Turbozords across the "great desert" to the sea; there they would find the Ghost Galleon, a phantom ship which would take them and their Zords to the Nemesis Triangle.
-   Zordon told the Rangers that neither the galleon nor the Turbozords would be detectable by Divatox, but he neglected to mention that the Rangers would be detectable, at least in unmorphed form.
-   In the Power Chamber some time after the other Rangers had left in their Turbozords the next day, Justin was helmetless in the Blue Turbo Ranger suit (still his normal size) as Zordon told him, "By accepting this honor, you are also accepting a great responsibility. As the newest Ranger, you must take your lead from the others and learn to use your new powers wisely. You will command the Mountain Blaster and be henceforth known as the Blue Ranger. Good luck, and may the Power protect you."
-   When Mountain Blaster drove up to the dock, Adam initially thought that its pilot was Rocky, but the teens were then stupefied to learn that Justin had been sent in Rocky's place.
-   Justin explained that Rocky hadn't been able to make it, so he'd sent Justin instead.
-   It's unknown why Zordon agreed to let a child approximately twelve years old endure the danger and responsibility of being a Ranger.
-   Justin didn't even know why they were at the Ghost Galleon's dock; presumably, then, he also didn't know about the quest to save Lerigot, Jason, and Kimberly, and to prevent Divatox from freeing Maligore; by this point, all he must have known about the mission was what he'd heard from under Rocky's bed the previous night: that a powerful wizard had come to Earth and might be in danger.
?   As the Ghost Galleon approached Muiranthias, Adam told the others that Zordon had said Maligore's volcano was inside the Serpent's Temple, but Zordon hadn't mentioned anything about a volcano or a Serpent's Temple in the Power Chamber.

-   As the teens prepared for their graduation, Alpha said through Adam's communicator that Zordon needed them in the Power Chamber right away, then chuckled.
-   Alpha had made a cake all by himself to celebrate the teens' graduation; only Adam, Tanya, Kat, and Justin came to the Power Chamber to receive the gift.
-   Zordon told the teens that he had been proud of them for many things, but never as proud as he was at this moment.
?   Zordon's image was back to its PRZ appearance (bluish-green with mild vertical streaks), but so were the tube and the wall behind it; like the continued use of the Power Chamber's PRZ alarm, this was merely outdated stock footage.

-   When Adam was concerned about Justin's lateness, Zordon told Adam that Justin had been given specific instructions to call if there were any problems, yet those instructions had not been in 501-SIT1.
-   Zordon had Alpha contact Tommy, interrupting his racing practice, only after it had become evident that Adam needed help against the Piranhatron.
-   Zordon apologized to Tommy for calling him, but he explained that Adam was in trouble.
-   Monitoring a wormhole on the Viewing Screen as he and Zordon secretly prepared for their imminent departure to Eltar, Alpha remarked, "Oh, isn't it exciting?"
-   When he suddenly realized Justin was in the room, Alpha quickly turned off the Viewing Screen.
-   Alpha was nervous and defensive; after Justin had left, Alpha remarked that that had been a close one; Zordon said the time would come to tell the teens soon enough.
-   When Tommy, trying to get a detonator away from the Angel Grove Energy Center, told Zordon they needed to get the detonator to a safe spot, Zordon sent in the Turbo RAM.
-   Alpha soon told Zordon the wormhole would be completely open soon, but it would only remain open for a matter of moments, so Zordon had Alpha send a message to send for Lerigot right away so they would be prepared.
-   When the time was growing close and Lerigot still hadn't replied, Alpha was worried, but Zordon reminded him that Lerigot had never let them down in the past.
-   After appearing in the Power Chamber, Lerigot asked Zordon and Alpha if they were going home soon, and Alpha told him they were.
-   Zordon told Alpha to call the teens as soon as the wormhole was ready.
-   When Porto calculated that the destination of the wormhole in space was the planet Eltar, he wondered who would want to go there; Divatox was intrigued, saying that only one intergalactic being on Earth had any reason to take a trip to Eltar.

-   Learning that Zordon would soon be leaving for Eltar, Rygog was excited that the Earth would soon be totally defenseless.
-   When the four teens found Lerigot in the Power Chamber after Zordon had called them, they assumed he'd come all this way just for their graduation, but Zordon said he was afraid there was more to it; as Alpha sobbed, he continued, "There is no easy way to tell you this, Rangers. ... Lerigot has returned to give me my freedom. I will soon return to my home planet to rejoin my own family. I realize this is difficult, Rangers, but the time has come to bid farewell."
-   The four teens were shocked to learn that Zordon, and Alpha too, were leaving; when they wondered who would cover their backs, as Tanya said, he replied that he'd made arrangements so that they wouldn't be alone.
-   Zordon had informed Tommy of their situation in advance, and he cheerfully teleported in just as Lerigot was preparing to release Zordon.
-   To give Zordon his freedom, Lerigot had the teens form a circle around him; after Tommy had arrived, Lerigot made humming purrs, and gold sparkles drifted out from his Golden Key; Lerigot stopped the process, however, when the Power Chamber's alarm sounded.
-   When Porto's wormhole closer was beginning to close the wormhole, Zordon said if they didn't hurry, they might have to stay, and that perhaps they'd be able to return home another time.
-   Zordon pointed out that more urgent was that Elgar was attacking with a fleet of giant vehicles.
-   Once the Rangers had returned after making the vehicles retreat, Zordon told the Rangers that due to Divatox's wormhole-closing device, he and Alpha had to leave right away; his final speech was, "Words cannot express the gifts you have given me and the people of Earth. We will miss you dearly."
-   With the Rangers again forming a circle around him, Lerigot again produced gold sparkles from his Golden Key, and the sparkles surrounded and dissolved Zordon's image, then more swept up Alpha, then the two swirls of gold sparkles flew out the main cylinder of the Power Chamber's exterior and into the wormhole in space.
?   As the sparkles were dissolving Zordon's image (which was completely purple at the time) with the interior of the tube rippling like water with light shining through it, Zordon's tube was in its proper, redesigned form, matching the current design of the Power Chamber; as Zordon left in the form of sparkles, however, the sparkles flew away from the Blue Ranger's colored tube in the Power Chamber's gallery wall, not Zordon's tube.
-   The wormhole closer began to make the wormhole close on Alpha and Zordon; if it closed on them, they would be gone forever.
?   Tommy sent Justin to deactivate the wormhole closer while the others fought Amphibitor, but Justin was stunned by Amphibitor, after which he joined the others in summoning the Turbozords again, apparently without tending to the device.
-   The wormhole closer shut off after giant Amphibitor had been destroyed, and Zordon and Alpha's gold streaks then finished passing through the wormhole.
-   When the Rangers returned after destroying Amphibitor and disabling the wormhole closer, Lerigot told them that Zordon and Alpha were home, and he then left.
-   Soon after appearing in the Power Chamber, Dimitria floated up into the air and then appeared from the waist-up in Zordon's tube, then asked the Rangers if they were surprised.

-   Zordon had told Adam, but apparently not the other teens, about Blue Senturion and the Intergalactic Police.

-   As an hourglass counted down, Dimitria reminded the teens of their ultimate (presumably as in "final") mission; if they (presumably the Rangers) didn't make it in time, Dimitria said, disorder and confusion would abound more than she could control.
-   In the ceremony chamber in which the teens were to pass on their powers to the new teens soon after the hourglass had run out, Zordon's head appeared above the base of a tube like the one in the Power Chamber, but with no blue tube; on either side were the neon light columns as used in the Command Center.
-   Zordon told the teens, "Rangers, it is so good to see you again. Alpha [Five] and I are honored to participate in this historic transformation."; Alpha Five then appeared in his old body from white energy in front of Zordon's tube.

-   On Eltar, Zordon and Alpha Five had built robotic duplicates of the new teens, mentally identical to the originals, and the teens now tested them for several days to see how real the robot teens were and whether they could endure the battle against evil.

-   Zordon sent the Power Chamber an urgent message from Eltar; his image in the Viewing Screen was green in front of a black background.
-   Zordon told the teens that it was good to see them but that he wished it were under better circumstances.
-   Zordon told the teens that Eltar was under attack; a visual showed massive explosions on a gray moon-like planet.
-   Zordon said that so far they had been able to resist their attackers' advances, and that though the teens might be tempted to come to their aid, they had to stay and protect the Earth.
-   Zordon began to warn the teens of something, but his signal shorted out.
-   Probably no more than an hour later, Dimitria gave the Rangers grave news, that planet Eltar had fallen to evil forces; the teens were all quite concerned about Zordon and wanted to go help him, but Dimitria said they had to stay to defend the Earth from Divatox, so she and Blue Senturion were leaving to try to help Zordon.

-   Entering the Power Chamber as Piranhatron ransacked it, Elgar spotted Zordon's and Dimitria's empty plasma tube; if he destroyed it, he said, they couldn't come back, so he threw a Piranhatron's hammer into the tube, shattering it.
-   Probably only minutes after Divatox had destroyed the Power Chamber, a flaming face streaked in from the sky to tell her that Zordon had been captured and that she was to leave at once for the Cimmerian planet for Dark Specter's assembly of villains.

-   At his assembly of villains on the Cimmerian Planet, Dark Specter announced that he had captured the mighty Zordon and was draining him of his powers, and that as Zordon's strength drained, the lava in his containment tube would rise, extinguishing the power forever.
-   Zordon, still merely a blue head, was in some sort of tube in an aparatus later revealed to be the same size as his previous plasma tubes; lava was flowing into the tube from hoses leading to the base of the setup.
?   At the rate at which the lava was rising, it would only have taken mere minutes, at most, for the lava to reach the top of the tube, but it would actually take at least many months for the lava to ultimately come near Zordon's chin.

-   When Ashley asked about Zordon, Andros told the teens that Dark Specter had him and was draining all his powers; T.J. and Cassie said that if Zordon lost all his powers, they were all history, but Andros replied that Zordon was strong and that it would take some time for Dark Specter to take away all the power, which gave Andros some time.
-   As the five Space Rangers entered the Megaship's bridge after their first battle together, Alpha was holding the black box he'd salvaged from the Power Chamber; the box now had wires hooked up to it, and Alpha appeared to push some buttons on the top of the box, saying, "I think I've finally gotten it!"
-   Soon afterward, as the Megaship was under fire from Astronema's sphinx ship, Alpha broke the code for the Astro Megazord; he explained to the Rangers, "This box contains the code that links the shuttle with the Megaship, creating the Astro Megazord. It's all part of Zordon's master plan!"

-   Zordon and his lava setup, still only about ten percent full with lava, were on the planet Hercuron until Divatox had the Piranhatrons unhook his tube from the setup and take it to her new spacecraft.
-   There was gooey residue in the hoses attached below the lava line of Zordon's tube.

-   After the teens had set up a new interstellar scanner (which would be immediately destroyed by the villains), Andros they'd find Zordon long before Dark Specter could steal his powers.
-   For a moment before being destroyed, the interstellar scanner showed an image of Dark Specter's spacecraft somewhere in space, presumably still piloted by Divatox's forces.

-   When Skygantor took out five black keycards to bet with at a card game in the Onyx Tavern, the dealer yelled that they were worthless, but Darkonda carefully examined them with intrigue, asking where he'd gotten them.
-   Skygantor defensively told the dealer, "I stole them when we battled on Eltar!"; the dealer was unimpressed.
-   Skygantor added, "They were Zordon's! They must be worth something!" and Darkonda agreed, saying the keycards were priceless.

-   On the Megaship's bridge as the Astro Delta Megazord was being trashed by giant Darkonda and his spawn monster, Alpha told the Rangers he'd decoded part of the keycards, and they indicated a massive weapon on one of Jupiter's moons; the monitor in front of Alpha showed Ganymede, with the text, "Top Secret."
-   Andros didn't know of any weapon on Jupiter's moon.
-   On a balcony area, which the Rangers found after accessing a doorway off a hangar in the moonbase on Ganymede, was a table apparatus very similar to the stand from which the Turbo Rangers had gotten their Turbo powers in the Power Chamber in 500-TPRM.
-   Looking at the table, Andros said there were more keycards, and the Rangers were then shown standing around the table and holding a new keycard each when the moonbase's operator voice announced the Mega Vehicles as the lights came on.
-   Ashley figured that Zordon had hidden the Mega Vehicles there, knowing that one day there would be an emergency and they would need them; Andros noted, "Well, we need them right now!"
-   As he prepared for launch in Mega V-3, T.J. remarked, "Let's hope this thing still fires," perhaps suggesting that the Mega Vehicles had remained dormant for quite some time.

-   Dark Specter told Astronema the Rangers' scan for Zordon was getting them much too close and they must not discover his location before he'd drained his powers.

-   After Darkonda had been destroyed after infiltrating the KO-35 Rebels' ranks but failing to incite them into destroying the Rangers, Dark Specter told Astronema she must destroy the Rangers so he could complete the transfer of powers from Zordon.

-   Having defected from evil, Astronema told the teens that Dark Specter was holding Zordon in the Kirak Galaxy, on the jungle planet of Yotoba, which was surrounded by a forcefield.
-   Astronema denied having helped kidnap Zordon.

-   In a clearing in the jungle on Yotoba, Astronema and Andros came to Zordon's energy-draining setup, where Zordon weakly said Andros's name.
-   The lava was still only halfway up to Zordon's chin.
-   After Andros had said they'd been losing hope of finding him, Zordon's image told him that after all this time, he couldn't believe that Andros was still such a fool; the image then shimmered into Dark Specter's laughing image in the blackened tube.

-   As Astronema gave orders to various villains to take over the universe, Quantrons brought in and set up Zordon's tube, which was covered by a cloth.
-   Astronema soon pulled the cloth off Zordon's tube; the lava was practically up to his chin, and there were no cables connected to the four ports on his containment tube.
-   Astronema told Zordon that he appeared almost out of energy and would soon be gone forever.
-   Zordon told Astronema she would never succeed, but, showing him the Machine Empire's invasion of the Phantom Ranger's home planet, Astronema told him he had a front seat to the end of his era and the beginning of hers.
-   Watching the destruction, Zordon told Astronema, this time calling her Karone, that she could stop this before it was too late.
-   As they watched Quadrafighters and Cogs crashing through a forest on KO-35, Zordon asked Astronema if Dark Specter had filled her so with evil that she would even destroy her own planet; she merely smiled evilly.
-   Later, after Dark Specter had been destroyed, putting Astronema in supreme command, Zordon addressed Karone, making the smirk vanish from Astronema's face; he told her she was no longer under Dark Specter's command, and she approached him, listening.
-   Zordon's tube was now clear of lava.
-   Zordon told Karone to search her heart and her powers to stop this madness; as Astronema continued approaching him, intrigued, Ecliptor shouted at him to be silenced, but Zordon continued, telling her she was not evil.
-   Astronema was intrigued, but purple electricity crackled along her head circuitry, making her clutch her head in pain.
-   Ecliptor asked his queen if she was all right, and she looked at Zordon evilly and said, "I'm not just evil, I'm the queen of evil!"

-   Later, having sneaked aboard the Dark Fortress and locked Ecliptor out of the control room, Andros was startled to find Zordon there.
-   Zordon replied to morphed Andros, "Yes, Andros, it is me."
-   Andros was amazed, having begun to think he'd never see Zordon again.
-   Zordon seriously told Andros there was not much time, as the forces of evil had already captured most of the universe; soon, he said, they would capture the Earth.
-   Zordon told Andros that to stop it from happening, Andros must shatter his energy tube; only the good energy from his tube, he explained, could destroy the forces of evil.
-   When Andros asked what would happen to Zordon, Zordon said he would be gone, but his spirit would forever live in all that was good.
-   Andros insisted that they'd keep fighting and there had to be another way, but Zordon firmly replied that there was no other way.
-   Sighing, Andros eventually summoned his Spiral Saber and said sadly, "Goodbye again, old friend."
-   Andros prepared to strike the tube but couldn't bring himself to destroy him, despairing that Zordon asked too much.
-   Soon, as Andros fought Ecliptor after apparently killing Astronema in self-defense, Zordon again told Andros to hurry and destroy his energy tube, as time was running out.
-   After Andros had stunned Ecliptor, he listened intently as Zordon explained, "Andros, listen to me. It is your duty as a Power Ranger to save the universe. Now is the time!"
-   With multiple trailing images, Andros took a glowing blue-streaked slash at Zordon's tube, and just as Ecliptor got up to stop him, the Spiral Saber shattered the tube, releasing intensely bright orange light.
-   Andros shielded his eyes from the light, and Ecliptor, stunned, turned gray and dissolved into small particles.
-   Astronema's body would be left unchanged by the energy wave for the time being.
-   In space, the Dark Fortress glowed orange, and the wave of gold energy radiated outward from it as a ring of energy which spread throughout the universe.
-   When the wave passed over the armies of evil, they were dissolved into piles of sand, with the exception of a few villains who were purified into human forms.
-   Aside from all of the monsters and foot soldiers in the armies of Rita, Zedd, Divatox, Astronema, and the Machine Empire, other destroyed villains included General Havoc, Mondo, Machina, Squatt, and Elgar, and presumably Finster, Goldar, Sprocket, Klank, Orbus Rygog, and Porto as well.
-   When the wave hit Rita and Zedd's forces, Rita and Zedd were the only survivors among their army; they had been transformed into a human couple in preppie clothes who danced away happily, confusing Gold Ranger.
-   When the energy wave approached Gratha, Divatox was running through the jungle trying to escape when the wave hit, making her trip; she was then delighted to find herself with long, flowing black hair, wearing a white dress identical to Dimitria's.
-   Standing, Divatox gasped that she was gorgeous, and looking around, giggling with delight, she cooed, "I'm alive! Alive!"
-   When the energy wave hit Angel Grove, the other five Space Rangers were demorphed with falling gold sparkles, still wearing their Morphers for a while before the communicators took their place.
-   Although the Space Rangers had been demorphed from the wave, Gold Ranger and Phantom Ranger had been left unaffected.
-   After Andros had landed the Dark Fortress downtown and emerged carrying Astronema's body, she would morph into Karone and come back to life, not remembering how she'd gotten there.

-   In the Onyx Tavern upwards of a year after 643-CTD2, where there had previously been assorted villains, there were now numerous aliens, animal-based past monsters, and mutated humans.

+   According to the hardcover Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Vol. 2 by Tokuma Publishing,
Rita was imprisoned in a Zithium cylinder, which is usually used as a space waste dumpster. (Source: Submitted by BrianScare)

MMPR Interactive CD-ROM
-   Having cared for Zordon before the great battle with Rita, Alpha (an unknown model) found a way to maintain communication following Zordon's imprisonment in his time warp by constructing an interdimensional communication device in the Command Center.

MMPR fan club video
-   The battle between Rita and Zordon lasted from 12,000 years ago to 10,000 years ago.
-   In a scene which presumably originated from this time period, Zordon was shown in his humanoid form, described as a kind sage; he was holding his staff standing at a flaming stone stand in the center of an area surrounded by four stone columns; in the background was a shimmering orange background.
-   The realm in which sage Zordon was shown looked like the area in which a knight had been destroyed long ago while attempting to obtain the Mirror of Destruction.
-   At the end of this 2,000 year period, Rita, in a desperate attempt to win, offered Zordon a truce but then betrayed him and trapped him in an interdimensional time warp; at the time, Rita was shown at her altar with her crystal ball on the balcony of the moon palace performing an incantation.
-   Zordon, not going down without a fight, had focused his powers just before disappearing into the time warp, and giant-sized orange eyebeams were shown striking the moon palace balcony, making Goldar and Scorpina move aside, and a golden urn with a bejeweled lid appeared, sucking the villains, Scorpina included, inside.
?   This urn, although called a dumpster, was nothing like the space dumpster from which the villains would later be released, and Scorpina shouldn't have been trapped with the others.
-   In addition to recruiting five teens to become Rangers in modern day, Zordon had supposedly created the Power Weapons and Dinozords.
-   Billy listed honor, respect, and courage as the most important things he'd learned from Zordon.

MMPR: The Movie
-   The introductory narration said, "Centuries ago, a legendary interdimensional being known as Zordon came to the city of Angel Grove to establish a Command Center for his never-ending struggle against evil. With the aid of his trusted assistant, Alpha Five, the noble master sought out six extraordinary teenagers and gave them the power to transform into a superhuman fighting force."
-   The narration said that Zordon had sought out six teenagers to become a superhuman fighting force, but whether this narration refers to a team centuries ago or the present-day team is ambiguous.
-   Once the teens had arrived in the Command Center, Zordon's white head, with a pug-nose and no lips, formed in his clear tube with a clear crystal bed at the bottom, from purple energy bolts from his side cylinders.
-   Zordon explained to the teens that Ivan Ooze had ruled the world with a reign of unparalleled terror six thousand years ago, but before Ivan had been able to complete his Ectomorphicon Titans, a team of young warriors like the Rangers had trapped him in his hyperlock chamber.
-   Zordon wanted the teens to return the recently uncovered hyperlock chamber to the depths before it could be opened and Ivan released, fearing that Ivan would discover the Ectomorphicons, which were buried near the chamber.
?   Zordon could have saved precious time in the crisis with Ivan's release by debriefing the teens via communicator rather than having them teleport to the Command Center for debriefing.
?   Alpha had called the teens to the Command Center for them to be debriefed about Ivan Ooze, but Zordon didn't mention the location of the hyperlock chamber; it was many hours later before the teens were ever shown teleporting to the location of the chamber.
-   Zordon's title was "Zordon of Eltar."
-   Ivan roared with anger and shot purple energy bolts from his hands high into the air upon hearing the name "Zordon of Eltar."
-   Zedd wanted Ivan to destroy Zordon so that Zedd's evil could once again reign supreme; Ivan planned to obliterate Zordon's entire legacy.
-   After meeting the teens, Ivan took note that Zordon was still using "a bunch of kids to do his dirty work."
-   Ivan seemed familiar with Zordon's lectures.
-   Ivan blamed Zordon for his imprisonment in the hyperlock chamber.
-   Zordon appeared to feel weakness, pain, or perhaps merely extreme dismay after several of the neon-ring columns in the Command Center had been toppled and broken by Ivan's blasts.
-   When the teens entered the Command Center some time after Ivan had left, Zordon was lying in a physical form in what looked like a body-length gray turtleneck sweater, in the broken bed of crystals at the base of where his tube had been; half of the crystals in the crystal bed were faintly orange, and the other half were purple.
-   Zordon only had holes in the sides of his head for ears.
-   Billy said that outside of his time warp, Zordon was dying; he needed power, but the Power had been destroyed.
-   Zordon was relieved that the teens were safe.
-   In the Command Center, Zordon told the teens, "The Power has been destroyed. It is gone - the Zords, the weapons, all of it. The Power Rangers are no more. Ivan Ooze has won."
-   A heartbroken Kim told the dying Zordon that ever since he'd come into their lives he'd been like a father to them all.
-   Alpha told the teens that the power (see "Monolith") on the distant planet of Phaedos might be able to save Zordon but that Zordon's life force wouldn't last long.
-   Dulcea knew of Zordon and was deeply concerned when she heard that something had happened to him.
-   Dulcea instantly seemed to believe the teens the moment they mentioned Zordon's name.
-   The dying Zordon was deeply concerned about the teens and wanted to try to make contact with them, thinking it was possible he could help them; Alpha was unable to contact the teens.
-   Zordon's face was slowly wrinkling as he was dying over the span of forty-eight hours.
-   After roughly two days, just as the Rangers returned to Earth, Zordon weakly told Alpha to keep trying to contact the Rangers, then sighed and closed his eyes.
-   The Rangers ultimately returned to the Command Center too late, for Zordon was apparently dead.
-   On Tommy's reminder that "to those who possess the Great Power (see "Monolith"), all things are possible," the helmetless Rangers stood around Zordon's crystal bed and held their arms up, almost fingertip to fingertip; the Rangers' chest symbols glowed with gold light, then the animal symbols projected forward into Zordon; after specks of white light repaired the Command Center (and made Alpha shiny again), the specks all merged and flowed into Zordon's chest, making him gasp back to life.
-   With his physical body then gone and the broken crystal bed repaired, Zordon's tube came down from above like a column of energy, with Zordon's immaterial head tilting down to look at the Rangers from the tube.
?   The diameter of Zordon's tube seemed as though the Rangers' helmets, which were still on the ring surrounding the crystal bed at the bottom of the tube, were now trapped inside the tube.

MMPR: The Movie (early script revision from 10/31/94)
-   During Ivan Ooze's rule of Earth six thousand years ago, a rebel factor known as the Order of the Meledon eventually lured Ivan into a hyperlock chamber; in the final revision of the movie, Zordon would describe those who trapped Ivan as a group of young warriors like the Rangers.
-   Dulcea and Zordon had both belonged to an interstellar peacekeeping force known as the Order of the Meledon.
-   As a member of the Order of the Meledon, Zordon was widely regarded as the finest commander in the galaxy, a true legend; if not for him, Dulcea told the teens, the universe would be a very different place.
-   Over time, the Order's enemies were defeated, and Dulcea returned to Phaedos, while Zordon moved on to continue the struggle elsewhere; prior to modern day, Dulcea hadn't heard from Zordon for centuries.
-   Dulcea said that Zordon was always an inspiration and that if he died, a piece of all of them would die, and the force of good within the universe would be dealt an irreparable blow.

PRZ comic book
-   Around the time of or in place of 422-TrMe, Zedd contacted Zordon to ask for help defending Master Vile's planet against the Machine Empire, explaining that if Mondo were to obtain the Power Coin energies in his possession, he could easily conquer the Earth.
-   Chastizing Billy for his old animosities, Zordon had him call the Rangers, feeling the Earth could be in grave danger.

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