- giant fighting machines often controlled by Power Rangers; see advanced definition
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-   Zordon told the teens that as Power Rangers, they would command a fleet of fighting machines called Zords; when they needed help, they needed only to turn to the power of the Zords, which would come together just as the five Rangers worked together.
-   As Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, the teens acquired an innate knowledge for piloting the Dinozords; this most likely applies for all Rangers and the Zords they pilot.
-   Rangers usually raise a hand to the sky while summoning their Zords.

-   Zedd referred to the Rangers' Dinozords not as "Zords," but as "weapons."

-   For his and Rita's plan to steal a Ninjazord to access the Shogunzords, Zedd said they needed a Power Coin to get into the Ninjazord.

-   When the teens planned to use the Super Zeo Megazord for the first time, Billy said the Megazord still needed one more part to work at its maximum efficiency; the part was a power booster from "one of the old Zords," and Billy had mistakenly sent the booster to the Angel Grove junkyard for recycling after dismantling some of the old Zord pieces.

-   The unmorphed teens drove the car-sized Turbozords through the desert; this was the only time unmorphed Rangers would pilot Zords.
-   After Justin had taken Rocky's place as the Blue Ranger, Alpha had had to give him a crash-course in driving; apparently, he didn't receive an instinctual knowledge of piloting his Turbozord.

-   The Astro Megazord was the first known Megazord not to consist of multiple component Zords; in fact, neither of its components, the Astro Megashuttle and the Astro Megaship, was ever called a Zord.

-   The Delta Megazord was the first known Megazord not to consist of any combining components; rather, the Delta Megaship merely transformed into it.

-   In Mega V-1 for the first time, Andros was surprised by the sensitivity of the controls when he accidentally caused the Zord to tear free from its restraint cables.
-   Andros was apparently the only Ranger to have trouble controlling his V-Zord; after flailing its arms wildly before launch, V-1 nearly fell over while being accelerated down its launch tunnel, but Andros would eventually start to get a feel for the controls after launch.
-   In the Mega Vehicles, Cassie happened to find a transformation control, and Andros, finding his as well, had them try it, ultimately forming the Mega Voyager; during their fight, they would not know instinctively of the Mega V-3 missile mode either.
-   The Mega Voyager was the first and only known Megazord without a "Megazord" in its name.

-   Two years ago, Andros and Zhane had somehow fought giant monsters apparently without having a Megazord at their disposal.

-   After channeling massive amounts of energy from the sky into the Galactabeasts through the Transdaggers, the Rangers caused the giant living beasts to transform into mechanized Galactazord forms; while this could be somewhat telling concerning Zord creations in general, the reader will note that the Galactabeasts differed from most other Zords in their sentience and general lack of technology in their "cockpits."

-   Hijacking the Omega Megazord, Jinxer remarked, "I've wanted to fly one of these since I was a kid!"


Pilot Episode
-   The Rangers' fighting machines were "Droids" rather than Zords.

MMPR Interactive CD-ROM
-   The height of giant monsters and Megazords was given at roughly 300 feet, or the length of a football field.

MMPR: The Movie
-   According to the introductory narration, Zords were colossal assault vehicles upon which the Rangers could call using their powers.
-   After Ivan Ooze had been shown blasting the Command Center's interior, Zordon told the teens that the "Power" (presumably the Morphing Grid) had been destroyed and that the Zords, the weapons, and the Power Rangers themselves were gone.
-   To escape Ivan's electromagnetic deadlock, Kim apparently wasn't sure which button controlled the Crane's thrusters, but she was able to activate them quickly.

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