- clay foot soldiers used by Lord Zedd
First Appearance: 201-Mut1
Last Appearance: 643-CTD2
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-   Zedd had brought his own army of Putties, which he summoned with his staff.
-   According to Zedd, it seems Goldar had never seen the likes of Zedd's Putties.
-   Zedd energized his Putties by zapping their Z chests with white energy from his staff.
-   Zedd planned to have the Putties destroy the Rangers.
-   Zordon referred to the Putties as Zedd's new army of Putties and said they would be significantly more difficult to defeat.
-   Morphed Jason discovered the Putties' weakness of punching them in the Z on their vests, at which point they would shatter into pieces.
-   Zordon said the Rangers were lucky to discover the Putties' weak spots so quickly; their Z's were apparently the sources of their power.

-   Putties were somewhat regularly shown standing along the walls of the northern entrance of the chamber of command.
-   With the exception of the Rangers' first encounter with Zedd's Putties, the teens wouldn't normally morph to fight the new Putties.

-   The Putty carrying the cactus treated with jealousy potion teleported to a location outside the Youth Center, then disguised himself as a long-haired man with shades and a black trenchcoat before going inside to switch the cactus with Kim's.

-   Zedd would quite regularly have Goldar send the Putties rather than personally sending them himself.
-   Tommy defeated some of the Putties sent to capture him, but then a group simply appeared around him, grabbed him, and teleported with him, with Tommy's teleport being a fire cloud.

-   A Putty successfully sprinkled hallucination dust on the trumpet that Curtis was going to use in his performance.
?   A Putty appeared in the Youth Center, took the trumpet, and teleported out, with no one noticing its presence, even though had been within Billy's, Trini's, and Kim's field of vision.

-   Putties chased Curtis and Richie through the park onto some playground equipment.

-   Kim caused a Putty to accidentally kick another Putty in the Z, shattering it.

-   Zedd had Putties disguise themselves as children and lure Tommy away from the others.
?   Although Zedd had given instructions to six Putties, only five actually went.
-   The five Putties, outside the Youth Center, huddled up, then glowed with the five Ranger colors, then turned into children wearing cheap Ranger costumes, but with plain black gloves and boots and black belts with gray Z's.
?   As the revealed Putties fought Tommy, one Putty suddenly changed positions drastically as another shattered.

?   When Tommy, Kim, and Billy all jumped and kicked several Putties at once, Tommy missed his Putty by a long shot, but it shattered anyway.

-   Zedd told Goldar to have the Putties protect the sleep machine; Goldar did so from the cockpit of Serpentera.

?   Once the four Rangers had arrived in the park, Goldar summoned the Putties, even though they had been in the park already in the previous scene.

?   The five Rangers had considerable difficulty fighting the Putties, even with White Ranger using Saba in combat, but Adam, after regaining his self-confidence after Goldar had attempted to drain his self-confidence with the Mirror of Regret, was able to defeat five Putties effortlessly without morphing.

-   Zedd told Goldar to steal Adam's kaleidoscope, and Goldar replied, "I shall send my Putties into action!"
-   Tommy shattered a Putty by poking its Z with his index finger.

?   A Putty shattered after Pink Ranger had merely kicked it in the back.

-   Zedd sent for Goldar merely to have him send the Putties to Earth.

-   Zedd referred to the Putties as Goldar's Putties; he did so again in 238-ARFS and 240-RBT2.

-   Zedd referred to the Putties as belonging to himself.

-   A Putty kicked Red Ranger while Rocky wasn't paying attention and sent him flying back a good distance.

-   Seeing that the Putties were fooling around and not getting the toys from the storybook dimension immediately, Zedd told Goldar to remind him to secure a better grade of clay next time.

-   Putties terrorized 1880's Angel Grove, having made it through the time hole before Needlenose and Goldar.

-   Zordon told Tommy that Putty attacks were almost always part of a larger plan.

-   Rita and Zedd attended Dark Specter's assembly of villains on the Cimmerian Planet following Zordon's capture; they had brought along Goldar, Finster, Zedd's Putties, and Tengas.

-   Numerous Z Putties were among Rita and Zedd's army on a planet in the Vica Galaxy.
?   One Putty was holding a man-sized replica of the Red Dragon Thunderzord's staff.

-   The Putties used in the invasion were turned into sand by Zordon's energy wave.


MMPR: The Movie
-   After flipping an ooze being onto its back during the ooze being fight, Billy punched it in the chest, perhaps hinting at the teens' familiarity with fighting Zedd's Putties.

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