BeetleBorgs Episode Guides

Big Bad BeetleBorgs
Episode NumberOriginal Air DateEpisode Name
11996-09-07Beetle Rock, Part 1
21996-09-07Beetle Rock, Part 2
31996-09-09TNT for Two
41996-09-10The Ghost Is Toast
51996-09-11The Treasure of Hillhurst Mansion
61996-09-12Never Cry Werewolf
71996-12-21Christmas Bells and Phasm’s Spells
81996-09-14Lights, Camera, Too Much Action
91996-09-13Say the Magic Word
101996-09-16Nano in the House
111996-09-17Locomotion Commotion
131996-09-19Drew and Flabber’s Less than Flabulous Adventure
141996-09-20Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun
151996-09-21It’s a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World
161996-09-23The Hunchback of Hillhurst
171996-09-27The Littlest Brattleborg
181996-09-28Haunted Hideout
191996-10-04Monster Rock
201996-10-05Convention Dimension
211996-10-31Bye, Bye Frankie
221996-10-11Root of All Evil
231996-10-18The Doctor Is In
241996-10-19Space Case
251996-10-25The Brain in the Attic
261996-11-02Fangs Over Charterville
271996-11-11Curse of the Shadow Borg
281996-11-12The Rise of the Blaster Borg
291996-11-13The Revenge of Vexor
301996-11-14A Friend in Need
311996-11-15Raiders of the Tomb
321996-11-16Big Rumble in Charterville
331997-03-21Pet Problems
341996-11-25Yo Ho Borgs
351997-03-27Phantom of Hillhurst
361997-03-28Operation Frankenbeans
371997-04-03The Curse of Mums Tomb
381997-04-04This Old Ghost
391997-04-10Jo’s Strange Change
401997-04-18Bride of Frankenbeans
411997-04-11She Wolf
421997-04-21Fangula’s Last Bite
431997-04-17Something Fishy
441997-04-25The Good, the Bad and the Scary
451997-04-28Buggin’ Out
461997-05-02Svengali, by Golly
471997-05-05Big Bad Luck
481997-05-09A Monster is Born
491997-05-12Norman Nussbaum: Vampire Hunter
501997-05-16Brotherly Fright
511997-05-19Fright Files
531997-05-21Vexor’s Last Laugh
541997-09-08Crush of the Crustaceans
551997-09-09Metallix Rising
BeetleBorgs Metallix
Episode NumberOriginal Air DateEpisode Name
561997-09-10Battle Station Alert
571997-09-11Ghoul Trouble
581997-09-12Totally Slammin’ Sector Cycles
591997-09-15Headless Over Heels
601997-09-16Monster Impostor
611997-09-17Horror Hotel
621997-09-18Les is More
631997-09-19Sunset Boo-Levard
641997-09-22Extra... Beetleborgs Revealed!
651997-09-23Who’s That Ghoul
661997-09-24Attack of the Brain Suckers
671997-09-29Don’t Fear the Reaper
681997-10-03The Old Gray Flabber
691997-10-10Son of Frankenbeans
701997-10-20How Does Your Garden Grow?
711997-10-30The Curse of the Mummy’s Mommy
721997-11-03Booger Man
731997-11-06The Poe and the Pendulum
741997-10-31Halloween Haunted House of Horrors
751997-11-07The Lost Comic
761997-11-10Enter the Dragonborg
771997-11-14To Foretell the Truth
781997-11-17Wolfie’s Wild Ride
791997-11-21Lady and the Champs
801997-11-24Astral Ransom
811997-11-25Astral Ambush
831998-02-09Mega Spectra Beetleborgs
841998-02-10Battle of the Giants
851998-02-16Robo Rumble
861998-02-17Super Fang
871998-02-23Experiment in Evil
881998-03-02Mega Borg Power