Steve Apostolina

This is a complete list of all the on-screen credited roles for Steve Apostolina from every episode of Power Rangers, BeetleBorgs, and Masked Rider.

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Power Rangers
EpisodeRoleCredited As
PRLG - #315 - An Evil GameKubak (voice)Steve Apostolina
PRLR - #344 - Wheels of DestructionElestomp (voice)Steve Apostolina
PRWF - #440 - Sing SongTombstone Org (voice)Steve Apostolina

Total Credited Power Rangers Episodes: 3

EpisodeRoleCredited As
BBB - #42 - Fangula’s Last BiteUnctuous (voice)Jimmy Theodore
BBM - #61 - Horror HotelSwamp Creature (voice)Steve Apostolina

Total Credited BeetleBorgs Episodes: 2

Masked Rider
EpisodeRoleCredited As
MR - #2 - Escape from Edenoi Part IIDestructasphere (voice)Rudy Luzion

Total Credited Masked Rider Episodes: 1