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Kirk Thornton

This is a complete list of all the credited roles for Kirk Thornton from every episode of Masked Rider.

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Power Rangers

EpisodeRoleCredited As
PRLG - #311 - The Rescue MissionAlien (voice)Kirk Thornton
PRLR - #357 - The Queen’s ReturnSpellbinder (voice)Kirk Thornton
PRTF - #412 - Reflections of EvilAngelcon (voice)Kirk Thornton
PRWF - #431 - Revenge of Zen-AkuMotorcycle Org (voice)Kirk Thornton

Total Credited Episodes: 4

Masked Rider

EpisodeRoleCredited As
MR - #10 - Something’s TrashyRecyclatron (voice)Sparky Thornton
MR - #15 - The Green-Eyed MonsterSkull Reapers (voice)Sparky Thornton

Total Credited Episodes: 2