J.K. Richards

This is a complete list of all the on-screen credited roles for J.K. Richards from every episode of BeetleBorgs and VR Troopers.

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EpisodeRoleCredited As
BBB - #51 - Fright FilesI.M. FineJ.K. Richards

Total Credited BeetleBorgs Episodes: 1

VR Troopers
EpisodeRoleCredited As
VRT - #6 - Oh BrotherWritten byJ.K. Richards
VRT - #15 - Save the TreesWritten byJ.K. Richards
VRT - #26 - Secret AdmirerWritten byJ.K. Richards
VRT - #37 - Field GoalWritten byJ.K. Richards
VRT - #43 - Who’s King of the Mountain?Written byJ.K. Richards

Total Credited VR Troopers Episodes: 5