Masked Rider Episode Guides

Masked Rider
Episode NumberOriginal Air DateEpisode Name
11995-09-16Escape from Edenoi Part I
21995-09-16Escape from Edenoi Part II
31995-09-23License to Thrill
41995-09-30Pet Nappers
51995-09-30Bugs on the Loose
61995-10-14Arcade Ace
71995-10-28Super Gold Part One
81995-11-04Super Gold Part Two
91995-11-11The Grandma Factor
101995-11-18Something’s Trashy
111995-11-25Water Water Everywhere
121996-02-03Dance Crazy
131996-01-27Stranger from the North
141995-12-09Ferbus’ First Christmas
151996-02-10The Green-Eyed Monster
161996-06-15Unmasked Rider
171996-02-17The Heat Is On
181996-02-24The Dash
191996-02-24Know Your Neighbor
201996-04-27Battle of the Bands
211996-05-04Ferbus Maximus
221996-06-22Ferbus’ Day Out
231996-07-06Back to Nature
241996-07-13Testing 1, 2, 3
261996-07-27Power Out
271996-07-20Showdown at Leawood High
281996-09-09Saturday Morning Invasion
291996-09-10Passenger Ferbus
301996-09-11Mixed Doubles
311996-09-16Million Dollar Ferbus
321996-09-17Ectophase Albee
331996-09-17Race Against Time
341996-11-18Exit Nefaria, Enter Barbaria
381996-10-31Dex at Bat
391996-11-05The Eye of Edenoi
401996-11-04The Invasion of Leawood