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Return of the Green Ranger Part III

Episode Information

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2

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Episode #
Written by
Shuki Levy & Shell Danielson
Directed by
Shuki Levy
Original Air Date
Total U.S. airings (disclaimer)
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Last aired
September 9, 2007
(on Toon Disney)
Tokusatsu footage
  • Zyuranger #
    • 21
    • 22
    • 24
    • 29
    • 34
    • 38
    • 40
    • 41
    • 42
    • 43
  • Dairanger #
    • 9
    • 17
    • 18
    • 21
    • 22
    • 29
    • 38
    • 42
    • 44
    • 48
  • Zyu2 #
    • 7
    • 10
    • 11
Footage analysis
at SirStack’s Morphylogeny (off-site link)
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Return of the Green Ranger Part II
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Best Man for the Job
  • Goldar
  • Lord Zedd
  • “Rat monsters”
  • Rita Repulsa
  • Wizard of Deception
  • Z Putties


  • Dragonzord’s “evil” eyeballs were missing in all but the close-up shots. (07:10)
  • Saba was missing from the control panel when White Ranger summoned White Tigerzord Warrior Mode. (08:41)
  • White Ranger communicated with Zordon by talking into his right wrist despite the fact that Tommy wore his Communicator on his left wrist. (11:04)
  • When the Thunderzords arrived after being summoned, each Dinozord was first shown transforming into its respective Thunderzord in the mountains. (13:11)
  • Tommy and the clone fought the rat monsters for a bit, but this was seemingly pointless, as the wand in Tommy’s possession had the power to turn them back into rats all along. (17:15)

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