Power Ranger Punks

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Season 1

Episode #
Written by
Mark Hoffmeier
Directed by
David Blyth
U.S. Premiere
Total U.S. airings(disclaimer)
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Last U.S. airing
Saturday, July 24, 2010
(on ABC Kids)
Tokusatsu footage
  • Zyuranger # 2, 12, 13, 26, 27
  • plus additional Zyu1.5 footage
Previous Episode
Baboo, Finster, Putty Patrollers, Rita Repulsa, Squatt, Terror Toad
Original Air Date
July 3, 2010
(on ABC Kids)
Episode analysis
at Revisiting Power Rangers


  • Billy was suddenly on the volleyball court with the teens after the commercial break (after the Putties arrival but before they started attacking). (02:53)
  • It seemed as though Alpha teleported the teens right out of the hallway at school without giving them any warning. (08:48)
  • Punk Billy oddly referred to Zordon as “greenhead”. (12:18)
  • Punk Kimberly oddly referred to Zordon as a “big green geekoid”. (12:24)
  • After Black Ranger was captured, Red Ranger was shown jumping through the air wielding his Blade Blaster rather than the Power Sword. (13:45)
  • The glasses were nearly half full when Alpha prepared them, but there was only a small bit of liquid in the glasses when he gave them to Billy and Kimberly. (14:10)
  • Punk Billy and Punk Kimberly were merely glad to have something to drink when presented with the singing squash root, of which Zordon had spoken in their presence, not at all suspicious of the drink’s ingredients. (14:08)
  • Alpha oddly said nothing in response to Billy and Kimberly’s questioning of what had happened to them. (14:38)
  • Terror Toad has his tongue extended when Kimberly struck him with an arrow from the Power Bow. (16:40)
  • Terror Toad was suddenly in another, distant area of the forest when Kimberly’s arrow destroyed him. (17:27)
  • The Power Bow had “Zyuranger” written across the side. (17:37)


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