Climb Every Fountain

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Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers
Season 3

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Written by
Douglas Sloan
Directed by
Larry Litton
U.S. Premiere
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Last U.S. airing
Thursday, September 17, 1998
(on Fox Kids)
Tokusatsu footage
  • Kakuranger # 13
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Goldar, Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, Rito Revolto, Slotski, Tengas


  • The regenerator was in the form of a golden slot machine toy robot, even before young Billy had taken it from the Command Center to his garage and worked on it with his rudimentary equipment. (01:14)
  • When the Aquitians began to lose hydration, Tideus jumped from being fine to being weak between shots. (08:33)
  • Alpha said that the closest body of water from the Command Center was the fountain in the town square, but in “Alien Rangers Of Aquitar, Part II”, the closest body of water seemed to be the lake. (09:45)
  • The colors of the Alien Rangers’ teleportation were transposed left to right as the Aquitians left the Command Center. (10:08)
  • At the supposed town square, which Alpha later said was in the center of town, no buildings could be seen around the park in which the fountain was located, only trees and mountains. (10:12)
  • While the others were looking in one direction at Rita and Zedd, young Katherine was looking in another direction and appeared to be smiling. (11:12)
  • Only five coins had been shown falling from the regenerator into Goldar’s hand; immediately after the coins had been destroyed, however, Rito shook the regenerator (producing no sound) and threw it aside, breaking it open. (11:47)
  • Zordon and Alpha expressed no surprise that Billy’s age had been restored. (12:58)
  • Once Billy and the kids had been teleported to the Command Center, Zordon didn’t bring up the recent destruction of the Power Coins which the kids and Billy had been unable to prevent. (13:00)
  • Shortly after the Aquitian Rangers’ victory over Slotsky, Mayor Carrington stood at a podium that had a sign reading, “Thank You Aquitian Rangers”. (18:34)


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