Rangers in the Outfield

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Power Rangers Zeo Season 4

Episode Title Card for "Rangers in the Outfield".
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Episode # 161
Written by Brett D. Born
Directed by Robert Radler
Original Air Date
Total U.S. airings Disclaimer 4
(list of airings)
Last aired Disclaimer October 7, 1996
(on Fox Kids)
Tokusatsu footage
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  • Prince Sprocket
  • Queen Machina


  • The Cogs only appeared to have one of the halves of Rocky’s Zeonizer during their battle with the Rangers at the park. (12:26)
  • Rocky only seemed to have one half of his Zeonizer (it would stand to reason that he would not keep one half in his backpack and the other on him), yet was able to morph. (13:49)
  • Tommy told the Rangers to initiate Zeo Megazord assembly, yet the Zeo Megazord was nearly complete when he said this. (15:14)
  • Rocky, wearing a brown glove, scaled the fence to catch the ball for the third and final out with a black glove. (19:10)


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