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Song Sung Yellow

Episode Information

Power Rangers Zeo Season 4

Title Card for "Song Sung Yellow".
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Episode #
Written by
Buzz Alden & charlotte
Directed by
Robert Radler
Original Air Date
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Last aired Disclaimer
February 26, 1997
(on Fox Kids)
Tokusatsu footage
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  • Tommy rewound the tape to a shot in the video in which a Cog had been in the background, yet it hadn’t appeared in the version of the music video which was shown in the beginning of the episode. (02:22)
  • The pie tins had visible straps on the bottom, preventing the Rangers from dropping them. (04:48)
  • Tommy pronounced, “What a mess,” as, “What a miss.” (05:50)
  • Sprocket supposedly used a remote to control giant Wrecking Ball, but whenever Sprocket’s hands were shown, they were empty. (06:21)
  • Tommy’s Zeonizer crystal was already in the Red Battlezord when he teleported in. (15:19)

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