Shift into Turbo Part III

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Power Rangers Turbo
Season 5

Title Card for “Shift into Turbo Part III”.
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Douglas Sloan
Directed by
Douglas Sloan
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Friday, July 20, 2007
(on Toon Disney)
Tokusatsu footage
  • Carranger # 5, 6
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Amphibitor, Divatox, Elgar, Porto, Rygog


  • Mr. Kaplan told Justin that, based on his test results, he was a prodigy, and as of that fall, he’d be attending Angel Grove High, but numerous instances in the future suggested that Justin and other students attended Angel Grove High during the summer. (01:18)
  • Zordon referred to the view screen as the “Viewing Globe”. (06:06)
  • Elgar’s head and face appeared quite different, giving him a meaner look, in the Sentai footage. (06:11)
  • The Turbozord cockpits were completely different from their appearance in “Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie”; now in the rear of each was a Ranger-colored circle bearing the Turbozord’s number, and the Rangers’ seats now seemed to consist of the yet un-introduced Turbo Carts, held in place by large clamps. (06:54)
  • At one point, Justin looked out a rear windshield of Mountain Blaster, but his cockpit had no rear windshield. (07:24)
  • The Wind Chaser went from being split in two to being one again in between shots. (08:06)
  • If the Turbo Megazord cockpit was supposed to be in the Megazord’s head, a part of Red Lightning, it’s unknown how the Rangers could be in it before Tommy had docked Red Lightning with the others; in fact, Justin and Katherine were in the cockpit after only the Mountain Blaster and Wind Chaser had docked. (08:31)
  • The Turbo Megazord cockpit had been completely redesigned since “Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie”. (08:31)
  • After she and Justin had arrived in the Megazord cockpit, Katherine got out of her seat and remarked to Justin how amazing this new Megazord was, but the Rangers had used the Megazord in “Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie”. (08:34)
  • When Tanya noted as the Rangers were forming the Turbo Megazord that Justin was sure having a good time with this, Adam replied, “He’s a kid with a new toy! Let him have some fun! You did, remember?” (08:49)
  • Katherine noted that the docking sequence was difficult, and she hoped they would get better at it, yet the Rangers had had no difficulty forming the Megazord in “Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie”. (08:56)
  • The instruction manual for the Red Lightning Turbozord, had “RV” and Japanese writing on the cover. (10:04)
  • All five evil vehicles drove away with white flags sticking up from them once the Turbo Megazord was complete, despite most if not all seemingly being destroyed previously. (11:07)
  • As the sparkles were dissolving Zordon’s image (which was completely purple at the time) with the interior of the tube rippling like water with light shining through it, Zordon’s tube was in its proper, redesigned form, matching the current design of the Power Chamber. (11:45)
  • As Zordon left in the form of sparkles, however, the sparkles flew away from the Blue Ranger’s colored tube in the Power Chamber’s gallery wall, not Zordon’s tube. (11:49)
  • The teens incorrectly looked toward the northern monitors when an image appeared on the Viewing Screen. (12:59)
  • Whenever the torpedoes were fired, always by Rygog, only the button for Torpedo 1 was pressed, but both torpedoes would launch. (14:24)
  • Tommy sent Justin to deactivate the wormhole closer while the others fought Amphibitor, but Justin was stunned by Amphibitor, after which he joined the others in summoning the Turbozords again, apparently without tending to the device. (14:39)
  • During Dimitria’s arrival in the Power Chamber, the , six-panel alarm could be seen in the northern wall, proving that the old “Power Rangers Zeo” alarm was indeed gone and shouldn’t have appeared again. (17:35)
  • How an actual flying “flying fish”, not native to the Earth, got into the subcraft, is unknown. (18:20)


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