Built for Speed

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Power Rangers Turbo
Season 5

Title Card for “Built for Speed”.
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Written by
Ralph Soll
Directed by
Chip Lynn
U.S. Premiere
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Last U.S. airing(disclaimer)
Saturday, July 12, 1997
(on Fox Kids)
Tokusatsu footage
  • Carranger # 6, 8, 17
Previous Episode
Rally Ranger
Demon Racer, Demon Racer (II), Divatox, Elgar, Porto, Rygog


  • As Porto introduced his latest detonator, Elgar looked at the camera while holding the detonator and announced, “This is the only device that those truly bent on world domination will ever need, all for only $19.95!” (03:15)
  • Divatox’s right eye didn’t appear to have black makeup around it beneath her mask as it usually did. (03:17)
  • When the teens teleported from the Power Chamber with minor flashes of light, the flashes had begun before the teens had even reached for their communicators. (07:03)
  • The steering wheel of Demon Racer’s Jeep was on the wrong side. (07:46)
  • The Green Turbo Cart had “Carranger” written on its rear fender. (08:17)
  • As Adam and Demon Racer raced, there was a barricade in the road with Japanese writing on it. (08:39)
  • During Justin’s morph, there was a visible metallic object present in the lower part of the screen (10:06)
  • During Tanya’s morph, there was a visible metallic object present in the lower part of the screen (10:14)
  • As the Yellow and Pink Rangers slid to catch some civilians, some signs in the background could be seen with Japanese writing on them. (10:42)
  • At the drag race between Rob and Tony at Angels’ Bluff, Maria and some of the others were still still wearing their fifties clothes. (13:41)
  • A sign above the Turbozords in the Turbo Garage said “Carranger”. (14:30)
  • When the Turbo Megazord stomped on his left foot, giant Demon Racer II called it his pedal foot, indicating that the accelerator and brake pedals were probably reversed as well. (15:23)
  • For no apparent reason, Bulk and Skull simultaneously covered the eyes of the drivers of their respective cars during the drag race, causing the two cars to go off the cliff. (17:10)
  • Tony watched as the Green Turbo Ranger teleported into Rob’s car, and when Green Ranger threw Rob’s fuzzy dice (which secretly had a detonator inside) out the window into the canyon below, Tony yelled, “Hey!” (18:10)


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