Glyph Hanger

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Power Rangers Turbo
Season 5

Title Card for “Glyph Hanger”.
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Written by
Steven J. Weller
Directed by
Paul Schrier II
U.S. Premiere
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Last U.S. airing(disclaimer)
Saturday, August 2, 1997
(on Fox Kids)
Tokusatsu footage
  • Carranger # 6
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Divatox, Elgar, Pharaoh, Piranhatrons, Porto, Rygog


  • Pharaoh, a creature from ancient Egypt, had left Divatox at the altar a thousand years ago, but in real life, ancient Egypt only went up to the 300’s BCE; in the year 1000, Egypt was ruled by Arabian caliphs. (02:28)
  • The five teens together searched backstage at the stunt show for a detonator, without using a Turbo Navigator. (10:55)
  • When Pharaoh arrived to fight them, the Rangers all fought him, eventually leaving to fight (and ultimately destroy) him with the Turbo Megazord; none of them went for the detonator which could have exploded and killed Mr. Peabody. (15:49)
  • In one shot during the Megazord fight with Pharaoh at sunset, only the Blue and Green Rangers were in the cockpit. (16:34)
  • After the Rangers had destroyed giant Pharaoh, Mr. Peabody was holding the pyramid-shaped detonator when the Rangers returned; why he wasn’t electrocuted is uncertain. (18:36)
  • Red Ranger said “way to go, Adam” to the Green Ranger while mere feet away from Mr. Peabody. (18:46)


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