Clash of the Megazords

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Power Rangers Turbo
Season 5

Title Card for “Clash of the Megazords”.
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Written by
Brett D. Born
Directed by
Steve Markowitz
U.S. Premiere
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Last U.S. airing
Wednesday, August 1, 2007
(on Toon Disney)
Tokusatsu footage
  • Carranger # 1, 20, 30, 31, 32, 35
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The Fall of the Phantom
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The Robot Ranger
Chromites, Crosspatch, Divatox, Elgar, Metal Mangler, Piranhatrons, Porto, Rygog


  • The narrator referred to the Phantom Ranger’s Power Ruby as the “Red Ruby” in the recap of the previous episode. (00:07)
  • After T.J. said they had to find the Space Base, Carlos said they had tried and knew where the Space Base was, but nothing could get through her shield. (03:28)
  • Since the Rangers couldn’t get to the Space Base with its shields up, T.J. planned to use a super-magnet to attract the Space Base to them the instant Divatox lowered her shields, but the condition required for the plan to work was the condition the plan was supposed to get around in the first place. (03:53)
  • In Sentai footage, Rygog’s face looked quite different, of a much cheaper, yet more menacing, design. (04:15)
  • Despite being in the Space Base somewhere in the previous shot, Rygog was now in the background in the subcraft as Divatox commented she had “the best seat in the house” to view the upcoming battle. (04:47)
  • T.J. was alone in Lightning Cruiser as it was flying, but Cassie was with him after it had landed. (05:32)
  • During the Piranhatron fight, T.J. grabbed onto a Piranhatron and spun around. Yet, in the next shot, he was fighting Crosspatch. (08:03)
  • As the Turbo Megazord flew to Earth, Rygog gleefully watched a monitor while holding a rod with whip ends on it; prior to this, he’d been in the subcraft manning the controls, but now he was back in the Space Base somewhere. (09:33)
  • The Turbozords were shown parked in their compartments beside Artillatron in the holding bay, but they were supposed to be in the form of the evil Turbo Megazord, the reason the Rangers had summoned the Rescuezords in the first place. (10:16)
  • Artillatron was comprised of 3 separate cars, connected, pulling each other. However, after coming to a stop and separating, there was somehow enough room for the Rescuezords to drive out straight. (11:04)
  • Artillatron assembled into its robot mode, but the wheels on the rear segment remained stationary as the segment rolled forward to move underneath the other two segments. (11:15)
  • When transforming to form the Rescue Megazord, Lightning Fire Tamer, Thunder Loader, and Star Racer started transforming from high stance mode, and Siren Blaster and Wind Rescue started from modes that were somewhere between high stance mode and vehicle mode. (11:28)
  • During the fight with the Turbo Megazord, Ashley announced in the Rescue Megazord, “Launching missiles!”, and explosions rocked the Turbo Megazord, but the edges of the screen were fuzzy, as though the scene were imaginary. (12:37)
  • T.J. drove Lightning Cruiser on the wrong side of the street, and cars were parked on the wrong sides as well. (14:53)
  • Once the ruby and battery pack were removed, the Turbo Megazord’s eyes turned back to yellow, and the Rangers cheered that the Megazord was theirs again, but the four Chromites had never been shown leaving the Megazord when T.J. lured Crosspatch out. (17:09)
  • After the torpedoes had struck around him, Crosspatch’s face grew red, and he blew steam out of his mouth before growing. (17:44)
  • The curved building, heavily damaged in “One Last Hope”, was now intact again. (18:05)


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