The Turn of the Wretched Wrench

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Power Rangers Turbo
Season 5

Title Card for “The Turn of the Wretched Wrench”.
Episode #
Written by
John Fletcher
Directed by
Steve Markowitz
U.S. Premiere
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Last U.S. airing
Friday, June 11, 1999
(on Fox Kids)
Tokusatsu footage
  • Dairanger # 30
  • Carranger # 1, 3, 44
Previous Episode
Fire in Your Tank
Divatox, Elgar, Maniac Mechanic, Piranhatrons, Porto, Rygog


  • Maniac Mechanic possessed the evil version of Ashley’s wrench while on the spacebase, before ever going to Earth. (01:19)
  • Elgar had a list which told him which parts he needed, but he supposedly couldn’t read. (04:49)
  • The Yellow and Green Rangers seemed to just stand there while Maniac Mechanic got into his battle wagon, turned it on, and drove off. (12:15)
  • There was Japanese writing on a building as Ashley chased Maniac Mechanic’s battle wagon in her Turbo Cart. (12:50)
  • The Yellow Turbo Cart had “Carranger” written on its rear fender. (13:06)
  • In the switch between Sentai and US shots when Storm Blaster arrived, the background completely changed, the Turbine Laser vanished from atop Storm Blaster, and the Yellow Turbo Cart disappeared. (13:25)
  • After Ashley was done fixing Storm Blaster’s engine, its hood was undamaged. (16:04)
  • In the switch between US and Sentai shots, the Turbine Laser was again present atop Storm Blaster. (16:17)
  • When the Rangers summoned the Rescuezords, four Turbozords were briefly shown followed by four Ranger-colored smoke explosions in the desert before the Rescuezords were shown driving in with multiple non-colored explosions behind them on a city street. (17:27)
  • When transforming to form the Rescue Megazord, Lightning Fire Tamer, Thunder Loader, and Star Racer started start transforming from high stance mode, and Siren Blaster and Wind Rescue started from modes that were somewhere between high stance mode and vehicle mode. (17:31)


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