Never Stop Searching

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Power Rangers in Space
Season 6

Title Card for “Never Stop Searching”.
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Written by
Steve Roth
Directed by
Blair Treu
U.S. Premiere
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Last U.S. airing
Thursday, August 9, 2007
(on Toon Disney)
Tokusatsu footage
  • Megaranger # 2, 5, 8, 15
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Astronema, Darkonda, Ecliptor, Elgar


  • The clip of years ago on KO-35 featured a growling figure who didn’t sound anything like Darkonda. (02:24)
  • Driving down a road, the Professor told Bulk and Skull that there were aliens right here on Earth, a concept which intrigued them, yet why they would’ve found this unusual after five straight years of attacks from evil space aliens is unclear. (04:44)
  • The alien claw that attacked Bulk in his fantasy seemed to be that of Peckster. (05:18)
  • Based on the trajectory of the watermelon, and the very nature of a watermelon, it is unlikely it would land on Bulk’s head and break in that fashion. (07:43)
  • Professor Phenomenus commented that the watermelon was seedless, but there were fairly obvious (though not black) seeds on him after the watermelon exploded. (07:53)
  • KO-35 looked just like Aquitar. (07:59)
  • Once they’d reached KO-35, DECA woke Andros, then told him he was the only one awake, yet Carlos was lying awake in bed in his sleeping quarters at the time. (08:11)
  • Despite orbiting KO-35, the Astro Megaship was shown above an Earth-like planet. (08:24)
  • After taking his jump tube down to KO-35 later that night, morphed Andros faded into existence and landed with a thud on the ground in a deserted city of KO-35. (08:31)
  • Ecliptor was again shown in his second form, with the enhanced right arm, despite the first form still being the more common one at this point. (09:07)
  • Despite orbiting KO-35, the Astro Megaship was again shown above an Earth-like planet. (11:27)
  • After he’d been searching the city with an AmScanner nearby, morphed Carlos suddenly burst in on Ecliptor’s and Andros’s fight, shattering in through reality, with a starfield visible through the shattered hole. (13:55)
  • Despite orbiting KO-35, the Astro Megaship was again shown above an Earth-like planet. (16:20)
  • Why the Rangers didn’t summon the Astro Megazord to battle Ecliptor is unknown. (17:46)
  • When the five Rangers shot their Astro Blasters at giant Ecliptor, the lasers were Ranger-colored rather than all blue, and Black Ranger’s laser beam was purple. (18:37)
  • The Astro Megaship shot Ecliptor with it’s Megalasers from a point of origin where no Megalasers existed. (18:50)


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