Invasion of the Body Switcher

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Power Rangers in Space Season 6

Episode Title Card for "Invasion of the Body Switcher".
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Episode # 269
Written by Jackie Marchand
Directed by Judd Lynn
Original Air Date
Total U.S. airings 12
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Last aired August 16, 2007
(on Toon Disney)
Tokusatsu footage
  • Megaranger #
    • 3
    • 7
    • 21
    • 32
    • 49
Footage analysis at SirStack’s Morphylogeny
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  • Astronema
  • Body Switcher
  • Dark Specter
  • “Disco Kitty”
  • Ecliptor
  • “Electric Rocket”
  • Elgar
  • “Grabby Crabbie”
  • “LottaArms”
  • Quantrons
  • “Scoopy Sloth”
  • Sting King


  • Granted, it would be highly unlikely that Ashley wouldn’t remember what Andros got her for her birthday, it is likely that Astronema would know, making this proof of identity less than fool-proof. (14:19)
  • Despite wearing Astronema’s black gloves at the time, a flesh-toned finger input “3-3-5-Enter” to morph. (15:14)
  • Upon arriving on Earth, the Mega Voyager was armed with the Astro Megazord Saber. (17:28)
  • Ashley’s hand actually went between her yellow suit and the white neck layer. (19:21)
  • T.J.’s locker appeared empty. (19:27)
  • A monitor beside Zhane’s cryogenic chamber in the healing chamber displayed a fairly normal heartbeat. (20:11)


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