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A Rift in the Rangers

Episode Information

Power Rangers in Space Season 6

Title Card for "A Rift in the Rangers".
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Episode #
Written by
Judd Lynn
Directed by
Worth Keeter
Original Air Date
Total U.S. airings
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Last aired
August 27, 2007
(on Toon Disney)
Tokusatsu footage
  • Megaranger #
    • 3
    • 24
    • 40
Footage analysis
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Five of a Kind
  • Astronema
  • Dark Specter
  • Ecliptor
  • Psycho Black
  • Psycho Blue
  • Psycho Pink
  • Psycho Red
  • Psycho Yellow
  • Quantrons


  • Psycho Pink seemed to refer to Ashley as “he”. (12:36)
  • To attack Psycho Pink, Yellow Ranger jumped into the air first, but Pink Ranger was shown to be jumping while closer; Yellow Ranger connected first. (14:14)
  • During the fight with Psycho Pink, Ashley suddenly got a plan and pointed to her eye while telling Cassie to do exactly what she said; while soon grappling Psycho Pink, Ashley told Cassie to use her Satellite Stunner, and Cassie did so in Booster Mode, shooting Psycho Pink in the cracked eyepiece. (14:51)
  • While Ashley referred to her attack as “Battle Blade”, the schematics in her visor called it “Blade Arm”. (14:59)

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