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The Lights of Orion

Episode Information

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Season 7

Title Card for "The Lights of Orion".
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Episode #
Written by
Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand
Directed by
Blair Treu
Original Air Date
Total U.S. airings
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Last aired
September 29, 2012
(on Vortexx)
Tokusatsu footage
  • Gingaman #
    • 12
    • 15
Footage analysis
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Double Duty
  • Furio
  • Mutantrum
  • Scorpius
  • Stingwingers
  • Trakeena


  • The recap shown at the beginning of this episode featured a group shot of the Rangers with the Orion powers. (00:10)
  • This cave opening (currently sealed) was identical to the cave containing Auric’s tiki on Mysterio Island. (00:43)
  • It’s unknown why cycles only existed for the three male Rangers. (04:03)
  • Leo incorrectly remembered Mike’s fall, recalling him saying “Carry on Leo” as he fell into the crevice. (13:19)
  • Leo knew Mutantrum’s name without having been told. (13:31)
  • Mutantrum was shown spilling his growth serum, rather than drinking it. (14:50)
  • The Rangers were able to summon the Lion Galactazord and form the Galaxy Megazord without Leo present. (15:03)
  • As the Galaxy Megazord shifted in position while posing after completing its formation, the Condor Galactazord attached to its back remained in the same spot. (15:12)
  • Furio continued running through the forest with the box while Leo chased him, but why he didn’t simply teleport is unknown. (15:22)

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