Blue to the Test

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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Season 7

Episode Title Card for "Blue to the Test".
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Episode # 318
Written by Judd Lynn
Directed by Ryuta Tasaki
Original Air Date
Total U.S. airings 5
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Last aired May 26, 2000
(on Fox Kids)
Tokusatsu footage
  • Gingaman #
    • 28
Footage analysis at SirStack’s Morphylogeny
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  • Icy Angel
  • Kegler
  • Stingwingers
  • Trakeena
  • Villamax


  • When Kegler was explaining gravitational physics to Trakeena, she asked Villamax if he was speaking English, and he replied that he was; how evil space aliens, as well as most other aliens, managed to speak English is unknown. (01:45)
  • In a shot in front of the red giant, Terra Venture was rotating the wrong way. (03:05)
  • Again, hurtling toward the red giant, Terra venture was rotating in the wrong direction. (13:18)
  • Only the Magna Defender was shown summoning his zord, but the Galactabeasts were close behind. (15:30)
  • Giant Icy Angel fought Defender Torozord and the Galaxy Megazord in the mountains, yet the fight had previously been in the city dome. (15:48)


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