Raise the Titanisaur

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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
Season 7

Title Card for “Raise the Titanisaur”.
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Written by
Judd Lynn
Directed by
Judd Lynn
U.S. Premiere
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Last U.S. airing
Monday, September 24, 2007
(on Toon Disney)
Tokusatsu footage
  • Gingaman # 37, 38, 41, 42, 50
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Barbarax, Captain Mutiny, Deviot, Swabbies, Titanisaur


  • As Titanisaur kept walking through the Ocean Dome (a tiny lower mini-dome), Damon observed that he was headed for the city dome, but how the monster would cross domes is unknown. (06:51)
  • As Titanisaur was shoulder-deep in the ocean, Swabbies in a gear room turned a massive bolt, taking a while to remove it as Deviot watched; once it was free, Barbarax reported to Mutiny through a gold horn tube leading up that they were ready to disconnect, and he had the Swabbies throw the lever, turning gears and sliding the castle off Titanisaur’s back and into the water; in “Grunchor On The Loose”, however, the castle had appeared to detach effortlessly. (12:27)
  • When the Gorilla Galactabeast was knocked to the ground, Kai didn’t seemed to get knocked off, and in later shots, appeared just fine. (15:02)
  • The Rangers had no Orion armor on the Galactabeasts’ heads during their second battle with Titanisaur but did once inside the Zords. (16:37)
  • The Centaurus and Stratoforce Megazords were now repaired somehow. (17:20)


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