Journey’s End Part 1

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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
Season 7

Title Card for “Journey’s End Part 1”.
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Written by
Judd Lynn
Directed by
Ryuta Tasaki
U.S. Premiere
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Last U.S. airing
Wednesday, September 26, 2007
(on Toon Disney)
Tokusatsu footage
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Deviot, Kegler, Stingwingers, Trakeena, Villamax


  • Deviot already had a gash in his left shoulder. (01:41)
  • When asked if he had any ideas where they could land, Stanton brought up a monitor display of a planet within reach, what would later be revealed to be Mirinoi; how Mirinoi now found itself outside of the Lost Galaxy (and so close to Terra Venture, at that) is unknown, although the Galaxy Book’s portal may have been involved. (05:12)
  • Mirinoi was now shown to be a bright green planet with white cloud wisps and a rocky gray (insanely close) moon identical to Earth’s moon, though the planet had not previously been shown with clouds or a moon. (05:12)
  • In “Quasar Quest Part 2”, all of Mirinoi had been stone, including the land and flora, yet now everything but Maya’s former fellow villagers (and a bit of their camp), as would be shown in “Journey’s End Part 3”, was back to normal. (05:27)
  • At one point, Damon was apparently in a tunnel between two subdomes, with perhaps the Mountain Dome on his right, but the setting would in some shots be in a city-to-dome tunnel and in others be at the gaping hole where the Industrial Dome had been; this is not to mention the further problem of the domes having been previously sealed off. (12:13)
  • Left in the wake of an explosion which stunned the Scorpion Stinger was a large gap in the tunnel which was now shown as a subdome-to-city tunnel; the other end was still attached to something, yet the Scorpion Stinger had been shown falling from the former position of the destroyed Industrial Dome. (13:34)
  • One portion of the engines was still lit as Terra Venture fell to the moon below. (13:54)
  • The habitation building had street numbers 26030, the same as the Youth Center’s address but without a “B” at the end. (17:16)
  • The Scorpion Stinger was soon shown flying in space with no damaged pincer. (17:30)
  • As Trakeena talked to the Stingwingers, one shot featured footage flipped left to right. (19:06)
  • Swarms of Stingwingers flew up from nearly a dozen clustered giant honeycomb domes, then flew out from the underside of the Scorpion Stinger’s head, but they lacked bombs on their chests. (19:08)


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