Operation Lightspeed

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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
Season 8

Title Card for “Operation Lightspeed”.
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Written by
Judd Lynn
Directed by
Ryuta Tasaki
U.S. Premiere
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Last U.S. airing
Tuesday, September 4, 2007
(on Toon Disney)
Tokusatsu footage
  • Gingaman # 17
  • GoGoFive # 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 17
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Batlings, Diabolico, Ghouligan, Impus, Loki, Vypra


  • Oddly, the crevice in the desert would remain in the earth for months to come without any sand pouring into the tomb unless someone stepped close to the edge. (01:06)
  • The firefighters were ready and waiting to catch Carter and the little girl below, despite not knowing his location or intentions. (07:32)
  • In one corner of the lair lay a neon sphere which seemed to be the same neon sphere as the one found on Rita’s balcony and in the cockpit of Pyramidas. (08:18)
  • Although Loki’s projection showed Mariner Bay in present day taking the place of the palace, there was a grand problem of scale; if the scale of the palace shown had matched the proportions of the Egyptian ruins to the nomads, the ancient palace would have been designed for giants roughly the size of Megazords. (08:34)
  • Almost all Aquabase display panels and controls bore striking similarities to Astro Megaship controls. (09:41)
  • The teens seemed to take their Morphers from the case randomly, as there were no distinguishing marks to indicate Ranger color. (13:31)
  • Despite Dana’s questioning of the fifth Morpher, it seems inconceivable that she could have been ignorant of a fifth Ranger, especially considering her familiarity with such items as the five rescue jackets. (13:40)
  • One of the control stations in Transport had a keyboard matching the colors and design of the colored keyboard from the dormitories aboard Terra Venture. (14:23)
  • Ghouligan, a monster apparently released along with Bansheera’s demons, strongly resembled Psycho-monster Red but with slight alterations and some black coloring. (14:50)
  • Mitchell watched the teens’ first encounter with the demons in a monitor in Ops, although the view seemed to be detached from any possible viewing device. (16:01)
  • Whenever Kelsey would be shown initiating a morph via her Rescue Morpher, the emblem on her jacket would partially be pink rather than yellow. (16:49)


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