The Fate of Lightspeed Pt. 2

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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
Season 8

Title Card for “The Fate of Lightspeed Pt. 2”.
Episode #
Written by
Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand
Directed by
Ryuta Tasaki & Makoto Yokoyama
U.S. Premiere
Total U.S. airings
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Last U.S. airing
Monday, September 24, 2007
(on Toon Disney)
Tokusatsu footage
“Attactus”, Batlings, “Bobogoat”, Coralizer, “Craterite Conglomerate”, Cyclopter (II), Diabolico, Elestomp, Eye Guy, Freezard, “Fryog”, Ghouligan, Horn, Jinxer, Lizwizard, Lunatick, “Magic Mushroom”, “Mothbeater”, Oysterizer, Psycho Blue, Queen Bansheera, Radster, Rhinoblaster, Rojomon, “Shadowslayer”, Shockatron, “Smudgey Swirl”, Thunderclaw


  • The teens and Miss Fairweather no longer had their ID cards upon swimming to the sub bay, despite having been wearing them when leaving Rescue Ops through the flooded tunnel. (07:01)
  • Everyone’s clothing was completely dry within minutes of being in the submarine. (07:42)
  • Struck in the chest at close range by two torpedoes from the Lightspeed submarine, the Lifeforce Megazord fell back crackling. As the sub sped away, the Megazord exploded. It is unlikely that two regular submarine torpedoes could destroy a Megazord, when extremely powerful monsters have failed. (09:45)
  • The Omega Megazord wielded a yet unseen weapon to fight the Rangers. How Jinxer knew of this weapon is unknown. (10:54)
  • During the Omega Megazord’s destruction, explosions went from being present, to absent, to present again. (12:04)
  • Confronting Bansheera in her coffin chamber during her eclipse ceremony, the Rangers had to fight Batlings, but there would soon be none in the chamber as Bansheera dangled over the Shadow World pit holding on to Carter. (16:18)
  • Cyclopter was among the assorted monsters in the Shadow World’s underground tomb despite his absorbtion by Olympius in “Olympius Unbound”. (16:36)
  • The six teens (except Joel, dressed up for a date) all wore their Lightspeed jackets while turning in their Morphers to Captain Mitchell in the park; the four teens (sans Carter) would have lost theirs in the Aquabase destruction, while Ryan was not shown wearing his jacket in the desert. (18:36)


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