Soul Bird Salvation

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Power Rangers Wild Force Season 10

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Episode # 427
Written by Suzi Shimoyama
Directed by Worth Keeter
Original Air Date
Total U.S. airings 13
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Last aired June 30, 2007
(on Toon Disney)
Tokusatsu footage
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  • There was Japanese writing on signs in the construction area. (05:35)
  • The Rangers commanded the Wildzords to descend, however they were then shown already on Earth. (07:45)
  • When Cole lost his Gorilla Crystal, it was Red. (12:18)
  • The Red Ranger called for his Lion Blaster to switch to Cannon Mode, despite it already being in Cannon Mode in the previous shot. (14:56)
  • The Blue and Pink Rangers were not shown inserting their Crystal Sabers into the Soul Drive Cockpit. (17:47)
  • When the Rangers summoned the Wildzords to descend to form the Wild Force Megazord, the Bison and Eagle descended from the Animarium, despite already being on Earth in the form of the Kongazord. (18:56)
  • The Wild Force Megazord proceeded to form without the separation of the Kongazord being shown. (19:05)


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