Forever Red

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Power Rangers Wild Force
Season 10

Title Card for “Forever Red”.
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Written by
Amit Bhaumik
Directed by
Koichi Sakamoto
U.S. Premiere
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Last U.S. airing
Wednesday, October 2, 2013
(on Nicktoons)
Tokusatsu footage
  • Zyuranger # 2
  • Dairanger # 37, 38
  • Ohranger # 1
  • Megaranger # 3, 6
  • Chouriki Sentai Ohranger
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The Soul of Humanity
Automus, Cogs, General Venjix, Gerrok, King Mondo, Serpentera, Steelon, Tezzla


  • Carter, observing Cole’s familiarity with Wes and Eric, proceeded to formally introduce them anyway. (04:05)
  • T.J. seemed surprised by the existence of Machine Empire vestiges, attributing their destruction to the Zeo Rangers, despite Mondo’s participation in the invasion of the universe. (05:14)
  • The fact that none of the people in the hangar had noticed an immense object in what appeared to be mild shadow is remarkable. (05:41)
  • When the Rangers were discussing other Earth Rangers, they were merely referring to Jason, completely ignoring Rocky’s position as both the Red Ninja Ranger and second Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. (06:30)
  • The Megaship rose up out of the hanger through an enormous skylight not visible in any shots while inside. (07:51)
  • Despite Andros’ claims of the Megaship’s speed, they appeared to be approaching the moon at a very leisurely pace. (08:35)
  • Tommy claimed the Zeo Rangers had stopped the Machine Empire’s invasion of Earth by destroying King Mondo and most of the empire with him. Unless alluding to unseen events, both of these were actually accomplished by Rita and Zedd. (08:59)
  • Just after Leo demorphs and Venjix’s line (“Rangers”), there’s a long shot of all the Rangers, including the Red Galaxy Ranger. After Venjix’s next line (“What? Ten Red Rangers?”), there’s a tighter shot, with Leo demorphed again. (13:01)
  • After morphing, Jason shouted “Mighty Morphin Power Ranger!”, instead of a more appropriate “Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger”. (13:13)
  • When Tommy morphed, he didn’t use the traditional morphing phrase of “Zeo Ranger V, Red!” (13:18)
  • When T.J. morphed, he inserted his Turbo Key into the wristband of his Turbo Morpher. (13:23)
  • When Andros morphed, his Astro Morpher made the opening noise twice. (13:31)
  • After morphing, Leo shouted “Go Galactic!”, instead of a more appropriate “Red Galaxy Ranger!” (13:45)
  • After morphing, Wes shouted “Time Force!”, instead of a more appropriate “Red Time Force Ranger!” (14:01)
  • Aurico was wearing the Black Aquitian Ranger’s belt upside down instead of his own. (14:18)
  • T.J. was able to summon the Turbo Lightning Sword, despite it being destroyed as part of the Turbo R.A.M. in the Turbo Rangers’ final battle with Goldgoyle. (16:03)
  • T.J. referred to the Turbo Lightning Sword as the “Turbo Lightning Zord”. (16:30)
  • Andros’ Astro Blaster fired a red beam instead of blue. (16:41)
  • Serpentera appeared gray instead of green in many shots. (17:51)
  • After Jason said that they had to get back to the Megaship after Serpentera took off and Andros agreed, Carter said there wasn’t time, and they had to defeat Serpentera before it left the moon. How he planned to accomplish this is unclear. (18:01)
  • Shots involving both Serpentera and the Red Wild Force Rider were grossly not to scale. (18:27)
  • Serpentera must have suffered some unimaginable type of structural damage during the final unseen battle with Lord Zedd for it to be defeated by the Red Wild Force Rider, considering that it was still able to take off, be able to be controlled to fly through space, and emit an energy beam from it’s mouth. (19:05)
  • The Megaship, after landing outside of the hangar, appeared much too small in proportion to the teens and their vehicles. (19:25)
  • During the group goodbye at the end of the episode, only eight people put their fists into the circle, but there were nine Rangers present. (19:36)


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