Day of the Dino Part I

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Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Season 12

Title Card for “Day of the Dino Part I”.
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Episode #
Teleplay by
Douglas Sloan
Directed by
Charlie Haskell
U.S. Premiere
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Last U.S. airing
Wednesday, September 5, 2012
(on Nicktoons)
Tokusatsu footage
  • Abaranger # 3
Mesogog, Tyrannodrones


  • With not so much as a running start, Tommy managed to clear the exploding island by an unimaginable distance. (03:13)
  • When the island began to sink, Tommy appeared to be even farther away, despite not moving from the spot in the water where he landed. (03:20)
  • Tommy had the Dino Thunder logo on his briefcase. (03:25)
  • It is unknown how, on her first day, Principal Randall knew Conner’s last name. (05:51)
  • It is unknown how, on her first day, Principal Randall knew Kira’s last name. (07:01)
  • It is unknown how, on her first day, Principal Randall knew Ethan’s first and last name. (07:28)
  • Ethan walked through the lawn with an umbrella (which would not protect him from water sprinklers below), an obvious sign of his guilt. (07:28)
  • At the end of the first day of school, Principal Randall was wearing a different outfit. (08:06)
  • Principal Randall stated to Tommy and the teens that “you’ve all met, I trust,” but Conner was never shown in Tommy’s class -- he was on the field when the others had class, and he was still with Randall when she picked up the others for detention, after class. (08:27)
  • Despite not being shown leaving, the Tyrannodrones were suddenly gone shortly before Tommy arrived. (17:01)


Filmed on location in New Zealand.

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