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The Passion of Connor

Episode Information

Power Rangers Dino Thunder Season 12

Title Card for "The Passion of Connor".
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Episode #
Teleplay by
Ann Austen
Directed by
Paul Grinder
Original Air Date
Total U.S. airings
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Last aired
August 26, 2012
(on Nicktoons)
Previous Episode
Fighting Spirit
Next Episode
Isn’t it Lava-ly
  • Deadwood
  • Elsa
  • Evil White Ranger
  • Mesogog
  • Triptoids
  • Zeltrax


  • The episode title incorrectly spells Conner as “Connor”. (01:08)
  • Despite seemingly being stuck to the tree by the ropes, when Zeltrax tells Devin to leave and find the Rangers, he easily escapes. (06:30)
  • Elsa told the Evil White Ranger Clone to “destroy them all,” yet he used the Dino Stegazord to help the Deadwood Monster. (12:50)
  • It is unclear why Trent would allow the Evil White Ranger Clone to use the Dino Stegazord against the Rangers. (13:24)
  • Conner seemingly powered-down from Triassic Ranger to Red Ranger to battle Zeltrax. (14:53)
  • Conner’s flashback featured an unseen speech from Tommy. (16:29)

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Filmed on location in New Zealand.

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