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Trick or Treat

Episode Information

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1

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Episode #
Written by
Danny Sarnoff & Ellen Sarnoff
Directed by
Worth Keeter
Original Air Date
Total U.S. airings Disclaimer
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Last aired
March 23, 2006
(on ABC Family)
Tokusatsu footage
  • Zyuranger #
    • 2
    • 4
    • 8
    • 12
    • 18
    • 21
    • 23
    • 24
    • 35
    • 36
    • 47
    • 49
  • Zyu2 #
    • 10
  • plus additional Zyu1.5 footage
Footage analysis
at SirStack’s Morphylogeny (off-site link)
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  • Baboo
  • Goldar
  • Pumpkin Rapper
  • Putty Patrollers
  • Rita Repulsa
  • Scorpina
  • Squatt


  • When Jason summoned the Power Blaster, he referred to it as the “Mega Blaster”. (17:59)
  • After being struck by the Power Blaster, Pumpkin Rapper seemed to explode while standing up and then fall over -- compared to all other instances, this seems backwards. (18:35)
  • A side view of the front of the Youth Center was shown, and the exterior was ridiculously large compared to the interior. (19:07)
  • Bulk & Skull willingly gave up their new red convertible to a “representative from network standards and practices” without getting any proof of her identity. (19:41)

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