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Power Rangers S.P.D. Season 13

Episode Title Card for "Badge".
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Episode # 567
Teleplay by Jackie Marchand
Directed by John Laing
Original Air Date
Total U.S. airings 52
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Last aired December 23, 2012
(on Nicktoons)
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  • Blueheads
  • Broodwing
  • Emperor Grumm
  • Icthior
  • Krybots
  • Morgana
  • Orangeheads
  • Robot


  • Cruger was initially shown to still be wearing his badge immediately after it was taken by Ichthior. (09:48)
  • Cruger was shown to still be wearing gloves and boots while in a bed in the infirmary. (14:11)
  • Bridge, Syd, and Sky got out of their beds, removing their slings and neck braces, and left the infirmary as if they were suddenly mostly healed. (14:35)
  • The S.P.D. badges shown being retrieved from Broodwing were not the ones shown taken from Sky, Bridge, and Syd. (18:15)
  • Upon being retrieved from Broodwing, Cruger’s rank insignia was shown to have jewels that it had never had before. (18:16)
  • Shadow Ranger states that Isinia “perished in the battle of Sirius”, despite all previous mentions referring to her disappearance. (18:47)
  • When the Delta Command Crawler began the transformation into the Delta Command Megazord, one of the arms was shown transforming back into its initial state. (19:35)


Filmed on location in New Zealand.

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