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Dark Wish II

Episode Information

Power Rangers Mystic Force Season 14

Title Card for "Dark Wish II".
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Episode #
Teleplay by
Bruce Kalish
Directed by
Mark Beesley
Original Air Date
Total U.S. airings
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Last aired
January 8, 2009
(on Toon Disney)
Previous Episode
Dark Wish
Next Episode
Dark Wish III
  • 50 Below
  • Fightoe
  • Hidiacs
  • Imperious
  • Koragg
  • Necrolai
  • Styxoids


  • Despite the lack of color in the world, Koragg was still partially purple. (05:28)
  • Despite the lack of color in the world, Fire Heart was still partially red. (08:05)
  • Despite Koragg’s magic having been taken away, he is still able to use a spell to command Fire Heart. (08:24)
  • It is suddenly raining while Vida is battling the failed warriors. (12:22)
  • Xander’s shirt appears to be torn in one shot. (12:52)
  • The tree trunk that a failed warrior uses against Xander bends repeatedly in a rubber-like manner. (13:50)

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