Putty on the Brain

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Season 2

Episode #
Written by
Mark Litton
Directed by
John Stewart
U.S. Premiere
Total U.S. airings(disclaimer)
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Last U.S. airing
Saturday, December 19, 1998
(on Fox Kids)
Tokusatsu footage
  • Zyu2 # 6, 18
  • Zyuranger # 4
  • Dairanger # 6, 14, 16, 42
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Bloom of Doom
Goldar, Lord Zedd, Saliguana, Z Putties


  • It is unclear why Zack and Billy did not see each other as Putties. (02:21)
  • Saliguana attacking the beach triggered the Command Center alarm, but it was actually Putties at the beach while Saliguana was at the rock quarry. (11:25)
  • When the extinguisher wasn’t working, Billy told Zack to try to figure out what was wrong with the device while he distracted Saliguana. (13:24)
  • When Zedd summoned his grow bomb to throw to Earth, Goldar’s head jerked in a jump-cut as the bomb appeared. (15:09)
  • When the Thunderzords arrived after being summoned, each Dinozord was first shown transforming into its respective Thunderzord in the mountains. (15:37)
  • After it was completed, the Rangers called the Thunder Megazord the “Mega Thunderzord”. (16:47)
  • Giant Saliguana’s tongue was red coming out of its mouth but black when it wrapped around the Thunder Megazord. (16:52)
  • The Thunder Megazord cut Saliguana’s tongue twice. (17:04)
  • When cutting Saliguana’s tongue the second time, the blade of the Thunder Saber was straight like the Dino Megazord’s. (17:04)
  • The Rangers called the Thunder Saber the “Thunder Sword”. (17:18)
  • All of the students in Miss Appleby’s class fled from Miss Appleby’s iguana when Bulk and Skull let it roam around on the floor to sniff out the Rangers. (19:25)


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