Past, Present and Fusion

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Power Rangers Dino Charge
Season 22

Title Card for “Past, Present and Fusion”.
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Written by
Chip Lynn
Directed by
Jonathan Brough
U.S. Premiere
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Last U.S. airing
Wednesday, February 17, 2021
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Badussa, Bones (II), Duplicon, Fury, Hookbeard, Hunter, Iceage, Meteor, Prof. Strickler, Puzzler, Scrapper, Shearfear, Slammer, Sledge (II), Smokescreen, Vivix, Vivizord


  • Upon pulling up in front, Tyler asked if the building was the museum, despite his presence there in the previous episode and the “Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum” banner on the wall. (08:22)
  • There was Japanese writing on some dumpsters behind the Red Ranger. (16:21)
  • There was Japanese writing on an overhead clearance sign as the Red Ranger fought the Vivix. (17:03)
  • When the camera backed away a fourth time, Sledge was further away, but the relative position of the imprisoned monsters to the camera did not change. (23:00)


The Production acknowledges the assistance of the New Zealand Government’s Screen Production Grant

Thanks to Auckland War Memorial Museum

Filmed on location in New Zealand

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