Return of the Prism

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Power Rangers Ninja Steel
Season 25

Title Card for “Return of the Prism”.
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Written by
Chip Lynn
Directed by
Peter Burger
Original Air Date
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Last aired
February 11, 2020
(on Nicktoons)
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Here Comes Heximas
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Forged in Steel
Cosmo Royale, Galvanax, Korvaka, Kudabots, Lavagor, Madame Odius, Ripcon


  • Mick looked just like Boom. (05:45)
  • Lavagor looked just like Venjix’s Generation 13 Attack Bot form. (07:42)
  • Korvaka looked just like Mig. (07:42)
  • Sarah was somehow able to land on her feet after the collusion with Korvaka. (18:00)

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