Rocking & Rolling

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Power Rangers Ninja Steel
Season 24

Title Card for “Rocking & Rolling”.
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Written by
Chip Lynn, Becca Barnes, & Alwyn Dale
Directed by
Oliver Driver
U.S. Premiere
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Last U.S. airing
Tuesday, February 18, 2020
(on Nicktoons)
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Basherbots, Cosmo Royale, Kudabots, Ripcon, Stonedozer


  • The apperance of the entrance to the underground cave changed between shots. (06:08)
  • Brody and Sarah’s positions switched when the camera angle changed, with Brody initially being further from the camera than Sarah as they ran toward our right and into the cave. (06:13)
  • Brody’s right arm seemed to pass through the right-side of the entrance way to the underground cave as he ran through it. (06:13)
  • The Gold Ranger asked “what’s that?” upon noticing his Ninja Master Star in the cockpit of his Megazord, despite previously activating his Ninja Master Mode in “Gold Rush”. (16:41)


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Filmed on location in New Zealand

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