Poisonous Plots

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Power Rangers Ninja Steel Season 25

Episode Title Card for "Poisonous Plots".
Episode # 842
Written by Chip Lynn, Becca Barnes, & Alwyn Dale
Directed by Oliver Driver
Original Air Date
Total U.S. airings 9
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Last aired December 19, 2017
(on Nicktoons)
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  • Cosmo Royale
  • Galvanax
  • Kudabots
  • Madame Odius
  • Ripcon
  • Toxitea


  • Once placed onto the cart, the footage of chocolate-covered Victor was flipped left to right. (07:16)
  • As the Megazords performed their final attack, the “Power Rangers Samurai” instrumental theme played. (20:26)
  • After the Megazords destroyed Toxitea, a “Power Rangers Dino Charge” music cue played. (20:58)
  • Aiden was suddenly standing perfectly still when the camera angle changed, despite being somewhat jumpy in the previous shot. (22:49)


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